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Submitted this review about Asure moving relocation
Review made Live: 5/1/2008 4:39:00 PM
well the headline pretty much sums up my experience with asure. When I decided to move, I had anticipated working with shady movers and was nervous, but I did not expect to have such a difficult and unpleasant experience. Let me start with the fact that they were late on the day of the move, and when I called to find out where they were and to voice my disappointment I was yelled at by the manager who was rude and argumentative and unsympathetic. Also, I signed papers and did not really look at them which trust me I regret now. Let my mistakes be a lesson to anyone who uses a moving company, READ THE FINE PRINT! only after I signed the papers did they mention that I would be responsible for any parking ticket they got. I figured that wouldn't be a problem considering there were 3 people helping and 1 driver. Guess what? it was. Also when they finally dropped of my stuff at my new place they DEMANDED more tip, and as a single woman all by myself I felt very intimidated. Also, they never left me with the contract and left with my receipt. I have since asked for a copy of the contract and they REFUSE to give it to me. Shady! liars! and very, very rude and agressive. Thanks Asure moving company for living up to every negative stereotype that moving companies have. -Danielle