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Bait n Switch

Submitted this review about Atlantic Moving & Storage Inc
Review made Live: 5/28/2013 10:07:00 PM
Atlantic Express Moving & Storage, Inc. Moving company Review DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY UNTIL YOU READ THIS REVIEW!!!! I will try and give you the main bullet points with out going into too much detail since your time is valuable. Bad initial sales call, did not fully explain the true cost of doing business or the expected cost of overage. They fully take advantage of most people's ignorance of using a moving company to move. There are lots of hidden cost, so make sure you fully go over all cost with them. Initially quoted $2300. After they did the walk through and seeing all our items in person they quoted a thousand more, but after my stuff was loaded on their truck $7600!!! Can someone say Bait n Switch!!! The value of the stuff I had wasn't worth the price of the move. They had several opportunities to tell me to be selective about what I bring because of the cost, but I think they purposely deceived me to jack up the cost. The first movers rushing through the move broke my bike bending the frame, and broke my $900 table stripping out all the screws. A major pain in the ass to get them fixed. " Don't worry the insurance will cover it." No It didn't cover it! The insurance is a major scam as well, and give you pennies on the dollar. I had 14 items that were broken in my estimation over $1000 in damage, and they forced me to take $78 dollars which they make you notarize. Unless Im willing to hire an attorney there's no arguing this! After hours of phone calls, tracking down managers, dealing with 3 different businesses, I was able to get the price down to $5500 but they promised me dinner gift cards which I never received…Ive called to follow up and they denied that they ever said that they would do anything like that. They are LIARS! Missing boxes! One of my boxes was found by another mover which I had to drive and meet to get. I still am missing expensive dj equipment which some how got "misplaced." Throughout this experience I kept my cool and still tipped the guys moving my stuff very well. I wasn't going to take my frustration of the moving company out on the guys really doing all the work. What really upset me was the fact they they tried to make me feel like I was in the wrong, and even though I called them days before the move to let them know that I miss calculated the amount of boxes I was trying to bring they assured me it would only cost a little bit more. Plus when the movers showed up they tried to make me feel guilty that I made their day longer than they calculated, causing them to miss their other client that day. I got attitude from the manager all day. Ive spent hours on the phone with this slimy company. Try calling the office and ask for the manager Mike, who obviously screens his calls because he's always out of the office, or on vacation. That should be a sign that he's screwed a lot of people over. Well like many others Ive learned the hard way about how the moving business works, and boy is it full of smoke and mirrors. The best advice I can give right off the bat is, if you plan on moving long distance, sell everything that is not of sentimental value and start new where ever you go. Unless you have paid thousands of dollars for your furniture, it will probably cost more to move it, then buy new. If I were to do it over again I would rent a Uhaul and hire some guys to come move my heavy stuff in and out of the Uhaul.