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Submitted this review about ATOPPS MOVING
Review made Live: 3/18/2010 4:39:00 PM
The people at A-topps moving and storage were dishonest and disrespectful. I booked through Budget Van Lines who is a moving broker and they arranged for A-topps to do the moving. There were two men that showed up to do the move, one was hired on Craigslist that morning and the other was so so large he could barely move up and down our stairs. We were promised by Budget Van Lines that they would break down our bed and any other furniture for us so we left in their original state and packed our tools, but once the movers arrived the driver told me he had lended out his tools to a friend so we had no way of breaking down our bed. They wrapped all of the furniture up with blankets and actually did quite a good job and loaded the truck. When all of my stuff was delivered three weeks later, almost everything had the furniture blankets taken off except for our table, tv and mattresses. I guess it was just a show or they needed the blankets but nothing was protected any more and our furniture was just thrown into a smaller truck. As my furniture was being unpacked I watched as they threw boxes from the top of the truck and laid my couches on their side in the dirt. Not exactly how you would want your stuff being treated that you just paid thousands of dollars to have moved. The biggest hassle when dealing with A-topps for me was trying to get a straight answer on what the final cost of the move was going to be. Budget van lines quoted me 2,411 when I booked with them and had said the only additional charges would be if my weight went over the quoted price. When I called to ask what the final price was they gave me was over $200 the original quote. I asked why and they said it weighed 179lbs over. I hung up and did the math (.38per/lbs *179)lbs and realized I should only be getting charged $68 dollars more. So I called them back. The guy was a real jerk and told me the told me there were packing fees of $80 as well and $6.80 fuel surcharge. I eventually gave up trying to figure it all out with his after he yelled at me for 30minutes but when I got off the phone suddenly the price had dropped by $30. When the delivery arrived the numbers had all changes once again and I asked the delivery driver to do the math, showed him all my receipts of what I had paid so far and compared it with my final invoice. We both agreed that no matter how you did the math it never added up to the final price they were asking. SO he called his boss and was told as I stood there that the final price stood and I was to pay that or I would not get my stuff. So I paid it, having no idea what I paid for and felt robbed that they could just make up any number they wanted and tell me to pay it or else. I would not suggest ever using A-Topp's Moving and Storage. If you are looking for a good moving company, I have used ABF in the past and had a good experience with them. You do have to pack the truck on your own but at least you know how your stuff is being handled.