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Submitted this review about Authorized Movers
Review made Live: 7/6/2009 3:41:00 PM
I had a horrible experience with Authorized Movers. I was promised (verbally, big mistake) that I could get my stuff within a week, although the fine print said it could take up to 2 weeks. I was told that they always over estimate and that my delivery date would be the next week. I offered to have my stuff picked up earlier because the delivery date was important to me. My mom was flying out to PA to help me unpack and get settled in. So although I felt unsure about the date I went ahead with the move. My stuff was not delivered that week. In fact it took them a whole 2 months before they delivered. During that time I talked to everybody in the company. The sales rep told me he couldn't help me anymore, that I should talk to customer service. Customer service said they couldn't help I should talk to a manager. The manager said he couldn't help I should talk to his boss.... It just kept going on and on. At least 4 times I was told that the truck will be there tomorrow, and it never came. When I would call and complain about this I would be told that it was the drivers fault. When I would point out that they were 1 1/2 months over their "small print" contract times I was told that they can't guarantee move in dates. I wanted compensation. I had been sleeping on the floor and living out of a suitcase for almost 2 months! I didn't have an dishes, cook-ware ect. The movers did finally come. They told me they couldn't get the truck into the alley way. They wanted to park 1 block away and charge me $300 extra for carrying my stuff. Although I had in my contract an agreement that because they were so late any "hardship fees" they incur wouldn't exceed $75. The office made this deal with me but never told the drivers. The drivers didn't believe me and threatened to not deliver my stuff. They said that I would have to pay the $300 plus a redelivery fee. Finally after several hours (and calls from me) the office called the drivers and they agreed to accept the $75 hardship fee. The boxes had been in storage for almost 2 months. Several were damp and moldy. 2 boxes were wet and falling apart. I had to throw out several books and photo albums that were ruined from the wet boxes. Plus some clothes and linens that were moldy beyond repair. (I have bad asthma and mold reside is painful). I spent that night unpacking and doing laundry. Thankfully I had used several plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes for a few valuable things. The outside of the bins were wet and dirty but at least the things inside were dry. These are the worst movers I have every dealt with. They would put me on hold or sometimes they just hung up on me. No one every took responsibility. I would not wish my worst enemy to use this company.