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Submitted this review about Authorized Movers
Review made Live: 10/27/2010 5:40:00 AM
Ironic to me that some of these reviews are from this year. I have been trying to reach this company since August of 2008 because they owe me almost 900 dollars, and that's according to them. Here's my horrible story... In May of 2008, I booked a move from Kansas to Vegas with a quote of $1100 for 1400 lbs. I paid %10 and agreed to pay half when they came to pick up my things. When they came, they had contracted a company by the name of Olympic Movers. The men were from possibly Eastern Europe with very heavy accents and very bad body odor. They charged me for stairs even though the contract said "for more than 2 flights." Funny because I lived on the second floor. Anyway, they marked everything on the inventory sheet as damaged already even though %90 of it was brand new (I only lived in this apt for a year). 2 weeks later (time isn't the issue here as I wasn't scheduled to be in Vegas until July so as long as it was there by then I was cool) they tell me that I exceeded my weight by 1300 lbs. 1300lbs! I lived in a 700 sq ft apt where the fridge and stove were supplied. So my items consisted of a bedroom set, entertainment center and clothes. I'm telling the lady that there is no possible way. She tells me the only choice I have is to pay for it and ask for a reweigh. So when they arrive in Vegas, they stop at a wiegh station and weigh it, come to my house and unload my things, then weigh the truck again. I was over by less than 200 lbs. At 70 cents a lb over and %10 for gas, I was overcharged around 850 bucks. When I contacted the woman at the company, thinking it would be an easy charge back to my card, she told me I would have to go through the insurance company. For what?! I'm not claiming damages. You overcharged me! So I contact the insurance company who, as you know, offers 40 cents a lb for damages. I am trying to explain to them that I have no damages, and was overcharged 70 cents a lb and for gas for the overages when in fact some idiot either purposefully ripped me off or didn't know how to borrow in his subtraction. So I send my first "claim" to them which included a copy of both weigh-ins, a copy of the contract showing that it was in fact 70 cents/lb as opposed to 40 cents and a letter showing the math and what I am owed. They claim they didn't receive it. Funny, bc I made sure it was signature required. They claimed that no one that worked for them signed. So i sent it to the insurance company again...and waited, and waited. Mind you, it is now August of 2009! I call the insurance company to check the status of my claim and they tell me Authorized Movers collected all claims so they no longer have them. When I asked them why, they said AM wanted to deal with the claims directly. My guess is to destroy evidence of claims against them. When I called Authorized Movers, they no longer existed. Moral of the story...they are still doing business and ripping ppl off. So more people need to read these reviews. All of the bad reviews started coming in right around the time I did my move with them. I'm guessing the economy took a toll on them and they decided to rip everyone else off before disappearing and reappearing and disappearing. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!