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Late, Pick and delivery, Needed a mapquest for next delivary. Dishonest

Submitted this review about Authorized Movers
Review made Live: 2/23/2009 4:03:00 PM
I have nothing nice to say. I am still waiting on my 32" widescreen tube TV, four chairs and my cordless phone that had 2 remotes. My things were delivared 09/08. How do you loose a 32" tube TV. My phone was packed in a box. It was removed from the box. My qoute doubled and I made them provide weight tickets and it droped, so they made up for that with ficticious packing supplies. I packed my stuff my self. I travel with work. Had only been in Michigan for 3 months. So I knew it would not go over $2000.00. I could go on and on. It is at the end of 02/09 still no stuff. I filled out a claim and sent it in. Received some info had it notorized and returned. Still nnothing. Today I called the claim department and they faxed all of my info 02/13/09 to Authorized Movers. I have called them all day nothin but recording. I called several times when my stuff was not delivared and no return calls untrill i threatened them with a lawsuite and told them in my message mu lawyer would be contacting them.