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Rip off

Submitted this review about Beckens Moving & Storage Inc.
Review made Live: 8/15/2012 11:03:00 PM
BECKEN'S MOVING, Victor Saban, Brooklyn asked for $475 deposit to move me from Philadelphia to Tampa. When mover showed up it was Amiran Moving, who showed up in a truck, George came into the house and looked at the furniture, then said I have the two dresser mirrors and that would be extra to wrap, $600 to be exact, but he would do it for ½ price. I said no just put a blanket on it, it would cost less to buy new ones. They tried to charge for other things, I finally said I have no more money. Once they loaded the truck George said my furniture is big and took up more room (even though it is exactly what I gave them on my inventory), so would have to charge more. A quote that started out at 1600, then ended at $3277. I could have bought new furniture When I scheduled my move with Dominique at Beckins I wanted to work it out that it would arrive on a specific date so asked what would the best pick up date be to be there on that date. So they picked up the furniture July 9, expecting my delivery on July 15; sounded great. Well the day came and went and I did not hear from anyone I called Dominique and left her messages, she did call back but transferred me to the “supervisor” which was a voicemail that you leave a message but no one ever calls you back. I called everyday looking for a status on my delivery and never got one. I finally received a call back from George July 26 and said they will be there either Friday or Saturday and they would call 24 hours before they arrive, well guess what, no call, no show. So I called and left another message and did not receive a call back. Well as you know life continues and I have to go to work, on Monday July 30th I get a call and the driver states they are at the apartment waiting, I told them they were supposed to call ahead and I cannot be there for a few hours since I am at work. They said they would wait. So I get home and they want payment, I stated I wanted to make sure all my items are here and in good condition, but they would not unload until I paid. I had a money order from my Bank (thought this was safe it was a money order and from a bank) but they would not accept it, only cash or a money order from the Post Office. Well wondering what I can do with a money order made out to Beckens. I ended up getting the money order cashed (for a fee). The team that delivered the furniture were nice and placed all the furniture where I wanted it. I swore I was not going to give them a tip, but I feel it was not their fault. They said they had left NJ on Sunday morning to get my furniture on Monday. So it was not their fault buy the company they are employed by. While I waited for my furniture I did buy an air mattress cause I could not sleep on the floor after the first night, and purchased a Bistro table so I have something to sit at. It was a chore to cook since I had no pots, dishes, utensils. It was a not so fun adventure. At least there was no damage (major) to my furniture. A few scratches here and there; which I will live with. There is really nothing you can do, but I have learned and want to spread the word. Go with a company that sends someone to your home and give an estimate. DO NOT use one of these guys that just quote over the phone. So listen to the warning, Avoid Beckens Moving and Storage, Brooklyn NY owner Victor Saban, and Amiran Van Lines, owner George Tchitchueishvili