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Submitted this review about Beckens Moving & Storage Inc.
Review made Live: 9/6/2012 4:34:00 PM
This is the worst moving company/service you can ever get. I had my move done from GA to NY and it was a nightmare. Do not get fooled by their initial communications. They will call/email you everyday to get your reservation done. Once that is done do not even hope to get a call from them. I was told that my stuff would be delivered within 7-14 days but I did not hear anything from the. And when I tried to call them either there was no response or they would put my call on hold….thats all. And if you are really lucky to talk to them they will have no information about your stuff as if it is not their job. They gave a different number (dispatch) to call (It was Enterprise Relocation, GA) and enquire about my stuff. This guy is the rudest human being I have ever interacted with. I called him every day but he would give me just some rude vague answer and put down the phone. Finally I had to get out of my comfort zone and argue with him to get my stuff. It was finally delivered after 39 days of pick up (which is ridiculous). The movers came to deliver my stuff but asked to pay the balance before they unload the truck. And the balance was $500 over the due amount. I had no clue as to why they are charging me so much. As usual these people also had no clue and told me to call either Beckens or Enterprise people. Again no response from Beckens and this Enterprise guy shouts at me that either I wait for 10 more days to argue and get my stuff or pay now and get it now but he cannot tell me why the amount is so much. He then just disconnected and I kept trying his number with no response. Finally I had to pay the extra amount. My original estimate was $945, I had no extra item than the list I provided them, and I ended up paying $1464. I am just glad that I received my stuff. The boxes were not in a good shape and some of the fragile items were broken. So people PLEASE PLEASE read all the reviews carefully and NEVER EVER deal with these movers both BECKENS and ENTERPRISE.