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Submitted this review about Bekins Van Lines (Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage)
Review made Live: 11/16/2011 6:27:00 PM
As I was moving with my employer expenses, and Bekins had a tie up with my employer. Hence I had no other option. I packed my items myself neatly and requested them to deliver in time. The person I contacted after 25 days says that they dont promise any date so I have been asked to wait as they said that items may come between x date to y date(The difference itself is approx 30 days). Any how I was not really concerned about the dare of delivery. Finally one day I received my items missing the below numbered boxes. I have listed all the box numbers that Bekins assigned for each inventory. Below is the list of box numbers I am missing in the sequence. BOX 007 BOX 015 BOX 019 BOX 021 BOX 022 After so many follow ups and 45 days investigation they sent a mail that they have exausted and found that there is no missing box at all. So guys please never ever go with these movers. Customer service is so unproffessional too. Another bad part is that, I had to move all my items from the apartment main gate which is 0.4 miles from my apartment in my small car shuttling 10 rounds. And one more: Whenever I call claims department, Auto response says that they have 0 calls ahead of me but nobodyu answers teh call even after 30 minutes. Finally I had to use cheap trick to reach them: I called regular number as if I have moving request for them, which is a new income source for them, they picked up. then I had to request that person to he;lp me in talking to right person from claims department. The claims person says that, they will estimate the missing items and I may get compensastion in 6-8 weeks, which is very less. Over all my single move with less items (only boxes no big furniture) is going to take approximately 4 months. After all I lost so precious items (closely attached to my wife's heart). Because marriages is a onece in a life time event, marriage sarees can't be replaced with whatever compensation we get.