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Submitted this review about Beltmann-Relocation-Services
Review made Live: 10/17/2014 2:00:00 PM
This company provided me with the single worst experience I ever had to pay for. They were unresponsive to our requests for documentation and questions leading up to the move. They did not care about our personal property, tried to stay past 9:00pm to get a 3 day job done in 2 days even though we have 3 small children, and were rude after we asked them to leave at 9:00 so we could put our kids to bed. They did not show up to pack before 11:30AM, one time arriving at 1:30PM, on any of the 3 days they were at my house and tried to stay past 6:00PM each day. They tried to tell us that they could not pack certain items because they "ran out of boxes" even though there were several piles of them on the truck. Luckily I had extra boxes from some of the items I packed myself. The sales rep was of no use after we signed the contract and his supervisor was equally uncaring. There was no sense of customer care and no one really seemed interested in our concerns regarding how they packed us up. When we unpacked the boxes, many were not properly labeled or labeled "misc.". Shoes that were next to each other in pairs at my house were wrapped with different shoes, none equaling a pair. Items that were meant to be packed together were unmarked and separated so I am still unable to find the brackets to my TV mounts even though I purposely left the hardware sitting on top of the actual wall plate. For some reason they thought it would be helpful to pack the brackets separately and I still have not found them. They also showed up 3 days late with the delivery. This company was terrible from start to finish and could not more vehemently recommend that they not be used. I even filed a complaint with the better business bureau. No one cares at this company. It was nearly impossible to get someone to respond to our questions and concerns. No one followed up with us after the items were delivered to us, even though we were told that someone would contact us. Calls to supervisors were not returned or ignored and when we finally spoke to a supervisor, he was not really interested in resolving our concerns. Our delivery was delayed without reason or explanation and the overall service and response was not worth $10,000.00. If we received a phone call from someone in management and they pretend to care about what happened to us, it would be of more value to me than the wretched services they performed.