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SHAM of a business

Submitted this review about Best Choice Moving & Storage
Review made Live: 6/7/2010 9:03:00 PM
This is a sham of a business. They were rude, unprofessional and mind-blowingly slow. I went through to get quotes on how much it would cost me to move my one bedroom less than half a mile down the road. I thought Best Choice [BC] movers were the best since they had the cheapest deal and apparently everything was included in the contract – assembly and disassembly of bed and shelves, etc; there were supposedly no hidden fees. So I picked them. I talked with Roy who after sending me an initial quote didn’t answer of my emails. I spoke with Sandra who finished the transaction. I asked them SEVERAL times if there were hidden fees. I was assured that there weren’t. Roy called me the morning of my move and told me that the movers were going to be at my apartment early since they had a small job in Arlington. I told Roy specifically to either have them call me or for him to call me if they were running late since we had booked the moving elevators at both apartments. I told them the hours they were booked. Both Roy AND Sandra said they understood. The drivers were late and didn’t call. They took 7 hours to move a one bedroom apartment one mile down the road. They didn't assemble or disassemble any furniture which they promised in their contract. The thing they did assemble, the bed, they did wrong. The team leader, Patrick, when asked why there were extra pieces left over, said "well, I don't know, I wasn't paying attention..." The bed was upside down. They said they would fix it. If we paid. None of the bookshelves were fixed. Also, the team leader has his pants around his rear so we spent the entire move looking at his underpants. My fiancée ended up moving boxes towards the last 30 minutes of our move because it was taking so long. When I called to complain to the POC, Roy, he told me he would find out what happened and call me back the next day. He never did. I called the day after that, incredibly upset and spoke with the owner, Oscar [it sounded like Oscar]. He told me angrily, "well, was anything broken, No? Well then that was a good move." He then hung up on me. This is an atrocious company.