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Items Missing and Damaged

Submitted this review about Best Rate Movers
Review made Live: 11/7/2013 7:48:00 PM
A statue that was taken off the truck upside down had the top portion damaged. It was packed by the movers, but they had no texture just plain brown paper wrapping the article. At least one box of irreplaceable family photos from pre-digital age is apparently gone forever. An item in my house was discovered damaged after the truckers took off for their next destination. There was a general red alert going off in my head when the movers unloaded items that were not my own onto my driveway and insisted they were mine, which they were not (lawn mower, child playset). This is when, nearly done, they realized at least two households were combined by whoever loaded the truck, so now they started checking off boxes, going into the section of the truck devoted to the next delivery location and bringing out many boxes of my own. They left and it wasn't until I was concluded with the unpacking stage I could know for sure what items of mine were missing completely, which is different than items that were damaged and readily apparent. When I phoned the company they were uninterested in what was missing. The one-of-a-kind family photo collection including my own childhood and family vacation and school photos as well as my parents wedding, mainly all photographs that existed before I was into my thirties - that's all gone. I had never found this company at all helpful when on the phone with them, and when I emailed them all they did was one person emailed me the web address for a company to make an insurance claim, but that could only be done ONCE, so no attempt made by the moving company to locate my missing items (the photos and some kitchen items turn out to be missing) even though I told them the next destinations for the truck on their route. After thirty days (while I was unpacking) then yet another company link to claim insurance provided to me. Following that process, a wait of 120 days is advised on a standard 60 cents per pound. Also the tall statue can be claimed by the moving company so I have to hold onto it. They can claim any damaged item for themselves. In the end it has been a most frustrating experience and I am still dealing with claim issues (the wanting purchase receipts for missing and damaged items). Meanwhile no contact or feedback from BestRateMovers at all. btw the price for the move had been negotiated and agreed to as for 1880 up front, but once the truck arrived they were charging $3700. Their contract allows up to 22 days for delivery and that excludes weekends and holidays. So it was 26 days betw pickup and delivery.