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Total dishonesty and a rip off

Submitted this review about Best Times MOvers
Review made Live: 2/28/2009 2:52:00 PM
Best time movers company called many many times when I was looking for a moving company and when they want you to sign a contract with them they will tell you any price you want to hear. I had a one bedroom apartment and this was my first time moving experience. They told me it will be local move although it's from Baltimore to New Jersey. The customer service lady her gave me a quote for $550 and as soon as sign the contract online with them she never answered my phone. She disappeared from the face of the earth as you can say. When they came to move my stuff the charges reached about $2500 and I was in rage and from here to there They gave me a discount and it dropped to almost $1900. By the way they will tell you that we will send 3 men and a driver to move your stuff and it will be only 2 men and a driver and when they reach the destination the driver was sleeping in the back of the truck and wasn't helping at all and also they broke my dining room table. They are very very rude staff. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER use them again. Their customer service has to be the worst in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.