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Review made Live: 3/18/2015 2:23:00 PM
I had the worst experience in my moving career. The first bad sign was when I called the company (some fake 800 number) and was prompted to leave a message. Immediately afterwards, the owner called me back from his personal cell phone. (what kind of professional moving company does this?) In his website, he claimed that it was a "professional moving company", however that was truly not the case when they showed up to my house. The 2 men that were his "moving crew" were very old, and probably not legal citizens. By no means were they "professional movers" like stated. (clothing/proper shoes/equipment) Another sign to prove that something was shady, was that I was asked to pay the owner in 2 forms of payments. One payment by credit card, and the other by cash. When I asked him why he needed the cash he told me that he had to pay both those men after the move. Next, it was time to pack up my stuff. Before he even did anything, he had me sign the paperwork that specifically states, "they are not responsible for any damages to the property and certain items as well. That raised another flag on my end. I was quoted before the move that with the amount of items I had, it would take about 4 - 6 hours total to load/unload. The day of the move they were NOWHERE near that amount of moving time. The 2 older men that he brought with them were very, very slow. When the owner realized how they were behind schedule, he called up another person to show up and assist. He did not mention to me that the 3rd persons help was going to change the cost of my quote. Even with 3 men to include the owner, the move took about 10hrs. That is not including the 2nd trip back to the house because they needed to grab 2 more items. The 10hrs would have been longer had myself and my family not assited with the unloading and unwrapping of the furniture. By that time, we were all tired, hungry and just wanted them to hurry up and just be done with it all. What should have costed me around $600.00, came out to be $1,500.00! To make things worse, from house A to B was about 1 1/2 mile driving distance, in the SAME zipcode. Seriously????? A friend of mine moved the same distance with another company and only paid around 400.00 max! (4 bedroom house also) I've moved around ALOT in my career, and this is truly the worst experience I have ever encountered. I even called the owner to get some kind of compensation for the long hours and service that I received and explain how the whole experience was unacceptable, but I was only told back that the reason why the move took so long was because "I had alot of stuff"....???? SERIOUSLY????? I've moved with the same amount of stuff, probably more since I've downsized and I have NEVER EVER encountered this. This is just plain old highway robbery. The owner will sure make it seem like he is "right" because of the packing/wrapping extra stuff they have to do, that costs more, however that is just another form of manipulation to add to the rest of costs. I truly regret not taking the time to call around do do more research before I decided to go with this company. I should have read the reviews also. I advise anyone else to do your research and not go with this company, not unless you want to be ripped off, have scratched up walls, dropped items, 10hrs service and twice the amount of money charged than you were quoted. Sincerely, One pissed off Active Duty Military Person