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Very disappointed/poor customer service

Submitted this review about Best Way Moving & Storage
Review made Live: 5/14/2012 8:58:00 PM
In going with the company I picked the lesser or all evils, none of the companies listed have great reputations this one was just better than the worst, the original quote I got was $350, I ended up paying over $700 when all was said and done. First I was told by Karen that my TV's would be wrapped in blankets, for transporting, never in either of our three conversations before my move did she mention, that if I had my tv's wrapped in blankets that I had to sign a waiver that they were not responsible if they broke them. When the movers got there they told me the tv's had to be put in tv boxes and you guessed it that was an extra charge. They were more that 40 mins late arriving for my 10 am appointment. They left empty packing tape rolls on the floor in every room. They took a computer desk apart and left the screws on the floor, luckily I went into the room and saw them before we left. They also requested baggies from me to put various screws in. We arrived at the new place and noticed them kind of picking up the pace, they informed me that one of the friends was boxing that night at they wanted to go. They were going to leave with out unwrapping my TV's putting my tv stand back together (which was glass), I had to make them unwrap those things, they also said if they finished they would have to charge another hour, I asked why since you were 40 mins late. But that wasn't the worst of it, they put together two beds a queen and a trundle bed. Two days later we went to use the trundle storage drawers only to discover they hadn't screw the boards onto the metal rails, but simply laid them on top and put the mattress on top. WTF, we also don't know where all the screws are for the bed, when I called Karen to complain I was simply told I should have checked it, first if I have to check whether you put every single thing back together correctly what am I paying you for, and second why the heck would I take a mattress off a bed, to check whether you did the job your being paid for. I also asked Karen if she could have them check around for the screws so we could at least put the damn bed back together correctly and you guessed it never got a return call back, but why would I they go their money. They also left trash in the parking lot of my new place. The whole ordeal was a cluster, I will never use or recomment this company to anyone. If you use them make sure you have enough people in each room to watch them, as that's what Karen implied that we should have watched them.