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Review made Live: 1/2/2014 11:17:00 AM
This is an awful moving company, please do not be fooled by the posts below. Notice how frequently these posts have been added. Compare that to other sites that review moving companies, it's not nearly so often. If you want to really know about Bestway, check out other review sites and do not be fooled by them posting. One reason people don't post on this site is that Beltway forbids reviews on the internet in order to get your claim paid. I had so many broken, scratched and just plain not delivered items, that almost filed a claim, but I REALLY wanted to review this group of crooks. The form also forbids you from contacting the BBB, how shady is that? You can also tell the other reviews are made up in that they are nearly all positive until you get to the older ones. Check any other review site, they are not so positive. Unfortunately, when I was looking up this company I was fooled by a site like this. Most reviews were pretty good. Once I finished my move from Virginia to Denver and had a terrible moving experience, I looked deeper and found many complaints similar to mine. I won't bore you with the whole story, but would like to impress upon you that there were so many mistakes, broken items, false promises and dodgy dealings, that there is NO WAY mine was an isolated bad move. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS. If you are so desperate that you have to because of lower prices, you may get lucky and have a not terrible experience. Whatever you do, get the full insurance because you will certainly need it. Here are a list of some things that I objected to: -Lost several items in the move. Just lost, never delivered. -Very delayed drop off time-2 weeks from when things should have arrived (they said a truck broke down which seems a common excuse for them). No compensation for this -Scratches on nearly everything -Terrible customer service. Jerry is great to talk to until you sign, then it's difficult to get him on the phone and he is no help when you do -Did not bring the size truck I was promised which led to difficulty getting the truck into the alley next to my house -Very slow. It takes them forever, mostly because the head mover wouldn't help the illegal he was using. He later wouldn't pay him his full wages when the man had to take a break for a cramp. I don't mind using illegals, but dont' abuse them. I've tried to report this to the BBB -Overal dodgy-gag rules in the claim form, tons of bad reviews, a total inability to admit fault. Just an awful company. Don't trust the reviews below.