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Worst Scam Ever!!!

Submitted this review about Better way to move moving & storage
Review made Live: 2/25/2009 7:41:00 PM
I just recently took Better Way to Move to Small Claims Court in order to resolve an extreme overcharge (specifically i was charged $3000 for a 2 mile studio move). I won the case, however it's been 3 months and I have yet to see them send me the money the court ordered them to pay me. I have been trying to serve them papers for the order of examination date that I have scheduled with the court and they are dodging me at all costs. This company not only overcharged me, but now that I have a court ruling against them for $2000 + all the fees and expenses incurred in order to get my money, they are still unresponsive. This company is your classic scam disguised as a quality moving company. They have continually been absent, from the day of my move, if you would like to hear the actual details concerning the move, they are below. I disputed the charge of $3000.00 on my credit card from Better Way 2 Move. I hired this company to take care of my move which was a distance of 2 miles. They gave me a quote for $300 plus any packing materials which I have in my possession. I was told that the cost would not exceed $700 by Kimberly over the phone when I chose this company. However, once I arrived with the movers to my new place I was presented with a $3000.00 bill and told that they would not unpack the truck unless I provided them with payment (I was not prepared for this - the charge put my account overlimit which cost me fees from my credit card company). I absolutely am not disputing the service of the men moving my studio, which is listed as $400.00 on the sales slip; however the $2765.00 charge for supplies is absolutely outrageous. I have documented everything and have pictures of boxes half and three quarters full. All of my belongings were placed into 'kitchen boxes' which were specifically for dishes (these are the most expensive boxes). I found dishes wrapped with one sheet of paper yet boxes with unbreakable belongings were filled halfway with paper and bubble wrap. At the beginning of November I moved from Miami to San Francisco using 22 boxes and my move cost totaled $2000.00. There is absolutely no way that a 2 mile move could cost $3000.00. After the disorganization of their staff and waiting at home for them to arrive for 4 hours, they finally showed up to move me a day late - which I was told I would receive a discount for. Not to mention several of my belongings (totaling in over $1500) are no where to be found. I strongly advise against using this company if you know what's best for you - hopefully I will see the money they owe me one day soon;) '