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big brothers = BIG SCAM

Submitted this review about Big Brothers Moving
Review made Live: 4/1/2013 10:11:00 AM
This is going to be a LONG review, so here's a quick summary: AVOID THEM AT ALL COST. The owner Adam is a total fraud and this place should be put out of business for the kind of things they do. Check out the filtered reviews on Yelp if you don't believe me. If you've already been scammed, please check out some resources at the bottom of the review for help. Adam came over to my home and after telling him all the pieces I need moved, he gave me a WORST case scenario estimate of $459, which was all inclusive. A few days later, I scheduled a move with him 03/23/2013 at 9am. He called the day of and told me the movers would be late due to a truck breakdown, so it'd be delayed till 2pm. Fine. 2pm. 3pm. I call him again and he says the movers are on Rockville Pike and should get there within 20 minutes. 4pm. I call him again, and now the movers are coming from DC. And going on the pike? I should've picked up the warning sign there. Warning #1. 5pm. Still nobody showed up. I was about to call and cancel (and oh how I wish I did), but then the movers showed up around 5:30pm in an unmarked fleet truck. Warning #2. They had me sign some disclaimers and then tried to charge me $100/hour rather than the $90/hr from the estimate, and the movers had to call Adam twice to get him to drop the price to $90. Warning #3. Then the movers proceed to take their precious time wrapping my furniture, though for the first hour, they may as well have been making origami with the pads. Seriously, they didn't start packing stuff until after 6pm, and spoke on their phones the entire time. Warning #4. By the time they finished and were ready to actually move the furniture over, they didn't have my address and had to follow my car there. Seriously?? Warning #5. And by the time we actually got to the destination, they stayed in their trucks for a good 10-15 minutes and wouldn't unload. Warning #6. Now for the climax: I was presented with a bill of $884, because of a $471 "packing material" fee, which was supposed to b e all inclusive based on the estimate. I then had to call Adam 10 times before I could actually reach him, and after arguing with him, he threatened to put my belongings into storage and charge me $500/day if I didn't pay the $884, and then hung up on me. Warning #7,8,9,10,11, and 12. At this point it was already well past 9pm - I was exhausted, frustrated, and had pretty much broken into tears at a loss of what to do. Then I hear the truck engine turn on and saw that THE MOVERS WERE TRYING TO LEAVE!! I had to chase the truck down and the movers told me that Adam called them and told them to leave WITHOUT WARNING and lock my things away. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? At this point I was forced to go to the ATM and forced to sign his stupid frieght bill just so I could get my things back (I had a bedroom set worth over $5000 in their truck). Oh and the movers didn't even finish setting up my tv stand and left their trash in my garage. Really the cherry on top of my day. For any of you that were scammed by Adam, please file complaints with the MD Attorney Office, Consumer Protection Division and the Montgomery County COnsumer Protection office: