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Never do business with them!!!

Submitted this review about Bravo Moving
Review made Live: 6/20/2009 4:08:00 PM
This company is terrible, no organization at all, rude staff, and such a liars! First I was told that the delivery day was going to be around 6 or 7 days after the pick up day. They call me to pick my stuff up 3 days before the original date. The truck driver asked me what day I would want them to deliver my things. I thought : Wow, so fast!. So I said the day and time that I wanted. He told that everything would be there. Well, it never arrived. When I call the company, I was informed they would deliver 7 days after my 1st day available. They never deliver it, again. I call them again, and I guy called Louis, just yelled to me and hang up the phone on my face. My husband call them again, and was informed that the truck would deliver it in about 2 days. It never arrived. When I finally talked to someone that seemed more mature and professional, I was informed that the truck would arrive on Father's day at noon. Well, I am still waiting for them. I have an international trip just one day after the deliver day. I can't prepare my luggage because they have it!. In summary, this company is administrated by a bunch of kids. They ruined my life and my family. My kids don't have their toys, clothes, beds. My husband don't have his books, and I have at least 50 more gray hair!!! They also ruined our Father's day celebration! We can't go out to have lunch because if the truck arrives and nobody is at the location, they put your things in a storage!!! And you have to pay for it. I forgot to mention, when they picked my stuff, those gyus threw my things into the truck.