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Late arrival, damaged furniture

Submitted this review about Broadway Express
Review made Live: 8/26/2012 5:12:00 PM
Hello everyone, Here is my review of Broadway Express. Our move: Chicago, IL to Tucson, AZ 11' - $2,345 Scheduled load date: June 28 Estimated arrival date: July 1-9 The facts: - Two days prior to our move, we were told the date was being pushed back to June 29. At the same time, our driver told us he would only be taking the load to Broadway's Effingham, IL warehouse until another truck could be procured to take it to Tucson. - Our load sat in Broadway's warehouse from June 29 - July 11. Broadway's excuse was that no drivers were available to take our load to Tucson. - At some point, our load was transferred to another truck at Broadway's warehouse. The same care used to pack the truck in Chicago was not used by Broadway to re-pack our load. Multiple items were damaged, and I provided photo evidence to Broadway. - The truck arrived on July 16, a full week late. This was particularly hard on us because my wife was seven months pregnant, and we were living in an empty house with no furniture. - We were initially refunded $234.50. Upon pressing Broadway about the damaged furniture, they eventually refunded another $150. My thoughts: In general, I did not find Broadway to be very communicative. They could have made me a lot happier by simply calling me more to give status updates. Instead, it was me picking up the phone and sending emails the majority of the time. Our drivers were Ron Fulmer and Don Rodgers. Both were fine to deal with. We had paid movers on both ends, but I still paid Ron to help supervise the loading process and ensure careful packing in Chicago. Of course, none of that mattered once Broadway moved our load at their warehouse and damaged several items. Our sales rep was Todd Daily. He was not able to help much beyond the sales process, referring me to Linda Blake-Miller, the head of dispatch. Linda has a very pleasant demeanor and was very apologetic. When I pressed her for an additional refund for the damaged furniture, she had to clear it with the owner. Throughout pestering Broadway about the refund, which took place from July 23 to August 21, I was told only the owner can authorize customer refunds. He owns five businesses, and is only in the office for short periods of time. Additionally, he was in the process of relocating his classic car business, so this made him even more scarce when it came to talking to Linda about our refund. The final word: Although Broadway refunded me an additional $150, that's really not very much money, considering how hard I had to press them for it. The one week arrival delay (making it 17 days without any furniture) was hard to swallow. They didn't tell us about transferring our load in their warehouse until two days prior to the move. They damaged our furniture. I had to initiate most of the communication. Bottom line: pick a different moving company. - Jason Davis