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Ripped me off $1,200 and withheld my property

Submitted this review about california new york express
Review made Live: 11/9/2013 5:32:00 AM
Avoid at all costs. My experience with California New York express: 1. They give you as little notice as possible. The contract says 24-48 hours before arrival, within a vague span of 15 days. They will call you at the last possible minute, barely 24 hours away from their arrival. If you aren't ready, prepare for enormous extra charges. 2. $1,000+ extra charge if you can't take delivery in the slim 3-hour window they give you at the last minute. Boulder was flooded when they arrived the first time, my assistant couldn't take delivery for me, in the extremely narrow timespan I was not available. 3. Breaching their own contract: They will demand payment before they re-deliver, despite going against the contract you'll sign which says you pay half up front and half upon delivery. They will refuse to move your goods until you cough up the extra $1,000, and meanwhile they will charge you for storage while they withhold your stuff. 4. Your boxes will be extremely battered and damaged upon delivery. 5. Hidden and Extra Charges. They will arrive in a gigantic 18-wheeler and, if your residential street cannot accommodate that, they will charge you a "shuttle charge" of several hundred dollars to deliver your stuff. This is not mentioned anywhere in the contract or the website e-signature you'll sign. They warn you about long delivery charges, stair charges, and multiple addresses. The "shuttle charge" is never mentioned. But they will stick you for it. Average shuttle charge for ~450 cubic feet of stuff is $350. 6. Boxes, Blankets, and Tape. They use an obscene amount of packing materials to coat your stuff and they will charge you for every roll. 7. Final Bill will be written up by foreign movers who barely speak English. When they present you with overcharges of about $200, they will call their home office, mutter something vague, and they will make you "sort it out with the company" later if you want some kind of refund. I can't say enough negative things about this company.