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Moving Scam - Rip Off - No Customer Service

Submitted this review about Capital Moving Services
Review made Live: 5/4/2011 4:33:00 PM
I moved from Montreal to Winnipeg. The pickup and delivery was on time but the customer service was horrible. Too many things undisclosed. Movers did not ask to declare value of the boxes, yet goods got damaged and lost and on time of the claim I was giving the same excuse of not declaring the value. When I was not requested to declare the value, how would I know what is the process to follow especially for a first-time mover, which I had specifically stated. Three main problems: 1- All information not disclosed by customer service 2- Movers were really unprofessional. (Both ways; pick/drop) Didn't know how to pack items/ furniture (Who in their right mind puts duct tape directly around furniture instead of using moving blankets first? Everyone knows that the varnish will come off rendering the furniture unusable) Next they were rushing me a lot, too much pressure and making me sign all forms/ inventory lists without reading them as they had no patience. Charged me extra (100$) to move as there was a flight of stairs involved, instead of the moving items being on the main floor. delivery was similar, very fast and no patience. Sign the documents and we are off. Not giving enough time to verify that all goods had been received. They said if anythings missing once I have checked it, I should contact the office. 3- Claim not processed properly. Items either lost or returned damaged were calculated at a min. liability of 60c/ pound (no market value considered). How does that assess any claim especially when I was never told to declare any items, just keep them packed and ready to move. No effort was made to retrieve the items lost or follow up with customer on an on-going basis. Hope this information helps. Very disappointing experience. and just no customer service at all. You can keep calling them forever, rest assure no calls will ever be returned.