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Worst Move Ever

Submitted this review about CEH Moving Inc.
Review made Live: 9/11/2011 9:16:00 PM
I had called America Moving Services for a move from Richmond, VA to NYC. The sales person Michael Martin took my information and sent me a contract. Deposit was paid. First off please read the contract with a fine tooth comb. The slip in everything they can to protect themselves. My nightmare began the day that I was told they were scheduled to come. I received a call from CEH and said that they could not come on the scheduled day since their truck was broken down with a mechanical problem. Jacobi said that they would come the next day. The next day we were expecting a hurricane to hit VA. I called America Moving Company. I spoke again to Micael Martin and he said he would call CEH and will find out what going on. He called me back and said that the truck had a flat and it still may show up the day before the hurricane. I asked to speak to someone in charge. I explained my situation that I wanted to get my house loaded prior to the hurricane. I told him that I had tenants moving into my house on Saturday. He asked me, "why would you do that"?. My response was because I was told they would come on Friday, so it logically made sense that they would have shown up on Friday. Until I said something that no one has even apologized. So my question was is it a flat or a mechanical problem? Later that day no truck but I did get a call from America Moving Service, truck would come on Saturday in the middle of a hurricane I asked. The driver calls me the next morning and said he would be in Richmond at a couple of hours, well the hurricane was upon us and I said if they could guarantee that nothing would get wet then come on up, well they could not do that. CEH said they would re-schedule on Monday. They showed up in a rented truck and when I asked the driver where their truck was he said it needed maintenance. Now logically if the truck was broken down on Friday wouldn't you think they would have down their routine maintenance then? They came to my house with no dolly. 60 boxes, furniture and no dolly. I knew I was in for a long load. 6 hours later they finally finished. To make a long shorter, they showed up in NYC a few days later and the boxes were in terrible condition. Some were wet, when it came time to rebuild my bed they didn't even have any tools with them. I ended up putting the bed together myself the next day. They broke many items including expense antique furniture. How could America Moving Broker use a company that is a fly by night company. Take my adice, if you hear the name CEH or America Moving Service, RUN and don't give them you hard earned money.