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Submitted this review about Central California Movers
Review made Live: 7/21/2007 2:43:00 PM
And so it was horrible. We had a very difficult move. Our house is down a hill from the road. We have multiple staircases and switchbacks that run up from the house to the road. Fortunately, we also have a "hill elevator" that one case use to shuttle people and goods up and down the hill. I like using independent businesses when possible, because they're prices are often competitive and customer service is usually way better. I thought I was getting this from Central California Movers. My conversations with the "relocation consultant," Allen, were very pleasant and straight-forward. He was knowledgeable and friendly. When his quote came in as the lowest, I expressed to him my wariness at his price, ie it was too low. He hadn't seen the property. I urged him to add more crew, which he did. He also reiterated his commitment to his quote. So I went with them. Moving day: No one arrives. I call and someone says they'll get back to me. No call back. I'm, of course, worried and stressed. Finally the movers show up. Boy do they show up. Hours late and they're ticked off. Rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, unfriendly. I was appalled. They are upset because: - they couldn't fit their truck on the street, so had to go get a smaller rental, though this was always part of the plan; - they said they called my cell phone, but only got voice mail so they, er, didn't leave a message. This despite the fact I had left multiple numbers and was, of course, checking vm. - the job was underbid, so they wouldn't do it and left. They took one walk through the house, rude and disrespectful, and then walked back up the hill and left! Not so much as a good-bye! Four buff young guys - wimps!! Whiners!! I had already moved about 25% of the house myself in order to stage it. I couldn't believe this was happening! I called Allen, who was appalled, but could only promise the movers wouldn't work with them again. (Of course I don't believe that.) I asked to speak with Allen's boss, who is his daughter, but she wasn't available. Almost the worst part is that since then, they haven't called or emailed or responded to me to say sorry, to make things right, etc. Completely appalling. Horrible, horrible customer service. I have reported them to the moving association to which they belong. Do not give these scoundrels your business!