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Submitted this review about Chase Moving
Review made Live: 9/4/2013 2:25:00 PM
A NIGHTMARE!!! This is the worst moving company I have ever experienced. I advised this company of every piece of furniture I had, but I did under estimate the boxes. I estimated 50-60 and in reality there were approximately 100. I was quoted $229.00-$319.00. See the email below that I received from the company. "YOUR TIME STARTS FROM OUR TRUCK YARD. YOU WILL BE LOOKING AT $229.00 - $319.00 FOR YOUR MOVE, WITHOUT ANY UNFORSEEN PROBLEMS. THANK YOU, MARIE" This move cost me $2000!!!!! Yes, $2000! I was told that my furniture was "big". Not only was I charged 6 times more than quoted I had to give the movers more and more money throughout the day in order for them to unload the truck. ONE BIG PROBLEM. I was told they only take cash. I was told to have $400 on me to be safe. With the banks being closed the maximum daily limit I could retrieve out of the ATM is $500. I not only reached my daily limit, but I was forced to have my parents reach their daily limit. BUT that still wasn't enough. Before they would unload the truck they wanted an additional $501.00. Unable to get any more money from the ATM, they took the truckload of my belongs and left. They had to come back the next day when I was able to retrieve my daily limit of $500 from the ATM machine. NOW they wanted $575.00 to unload my property, because they had to drive back. AGAIN I informed them that I can only get $500 a day out of the ATM. Once again they refused to unload the truck. FINALLY the owner graciously allowed me to write a check for $75.00. The owner Darnell is absolutely not into customer service nor into giving correct quotes. They will hold your property hostage until you pay them WHATEVER amount they choose to charge you. I was told that this company will low ball the quote just to get the job. This is the worst moving experience than anyone could have. I not only will post this review on any and all websites possible I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney's office. I will not stop until this place is closed down or I receive a FULL refund. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN!!!