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Do Not Do Business with Chase Moving and Storage!!

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Review made Live: 3/15/2014 11:14:00 AM
We have recently relocated to Pennsylvania from Vermont. Originally we obtained two quotes for our move, one from Chase and the other from Booska. With Chase being almost four thousand less, we went with Chase. I have no way of knowing what our experience would have been with Booska, but I am wondering if in fact you do get what you pay for. I contacted "Chase Moving & Storage" SEVERAL months before moving day to have a clear game plan as my husband had already relocated for his job, and my daughter and I were left to do the moving and packing. The preliminary plan included having a custom made crate, by Chase, for an very old, very large and fragile dollhouse my father made me over 30 years ago. It was Chase' recommendation that a crate be made and I was told it would be brought to the house the day of the move. Along with this, we had made arrangements for the special packaging (in a special box made just for this) of my flat screened TV, wrapping and packaging of several picture/art pieces in glass frames and other odd shaped pieces being packed by them at my home. I also mentioned on the phone, prior to the move and then again twice on moving day, that I had a brand new Temper Pedic Mattress I wanted boxed as well as my other mattresses and was assured they ALWAYS box these. When Chase arrived on moving day at about 8:30 am, the crew included the owner, Ron LaFountain, and two other men. We had a 3 bedroom, 2300 square foot house, plus full basement. They estimated it would take between 6 and 8 hours to load the truck, so I figured at the most, the loading would be completed around 4:30 that afternoon. I was notified early on they did not have the crate for my dollhouse. When I asked if he would get one, Ron told me they would have one brought to the house. Things went actually fairly well up until 3:30 that afternoon. Ron seemed very personable and stood in my kitchen, with myself and my neighbor, singing his own praises of integrity, character and how he had the best, most respectful employees around. The move was taking much longer than expected and Ron needed to leave because he was needed elsewhere. The saying "when the cat's away the mice will play" seemed to come to mind after he left. One of the other mover's, Mike, while bringing several (about 5) stacked boxes down our stairs from the second floor on a dolly, lost control and the boxes proceeded to fall 5-6 stairs from the bottom. One was marked "Fragile". Also, I was horrified, when I saw our new Temper Pedic Mattress being slid across the back of the truck without a box on the filthy floor. The time was getting very late, it was after 3:30 pm, and there was still about 1/4 of the house needing to be loaded. I stood in disbelief as my Weber Grill, piled high with snow was brought through the inside of my house, by the two movers in wet, boots tracking dirt all over my light colored carpet. I guess walking the grill around the outside of the house to the truck never occurred to them. I asked them at that time if they planned on doing the same thing with my patio furniture, sensing my disapproval, they said "no". The crate for the dollhouse and box for the flat screened TV never ended up arriving at all. With the truck PACKED full and still much to be loaded, I spoke to Mike with my neighbor there with me, and asked what the plan was for the remaining items and the dollhouse, I expressed my frustration at the late hourand told him that I needed to pick my daughter up very shortly. Mike became visibly irritated and expressed that "the only thing he was interested in was his trip to New York City the next day and how he didn't want to be there". I finally snapped and stated to him that I paid a lot of money for this move and I did not care about his trip. He had a job to do. It was apparent he had no idea what to do with the rest of my items as the truck was full. Both he and myself tried to get a hold of Ron to no avail. Then, to my disgust, he started arguing with my neighbor as well, telling her he hated his job. Finally, I needed to leave at 4:30 to pick up my daughter and had to leave my house with these incompetent men with obviously hours left of work. Luckily, our grown son had arrived and my neighbor was still there to supervise. I was eventually called by Ron and was assured that another truck was on the way and the dollhouse would be loaded onto a van by itself, still no crate. He was originally somewhat apologetic, even though he stated that "moving was very stressful", implying, I felt, that I was possibly overreacting due to stress. I was told that apparently, they needed, at this point, to unload all our belongings at their site, and reload them on a larger truck for the actual move to Pa. I wasn't happy that our belongings would have to be moved several times, thus allowing the possibility of more damage, by people I no longer trusted. Several days later Chase delivered our items to the temporary storage unit in Pa. My father was there to receive the items. Weeks later, after my daughter and I had made the move and our family was together again, we were able to view some of our items for the first time since the move in our storage units. We were in shock! About 10 of our framed pictures and artwork were just laying about the storage unit, not boxed or wrapped. There were boxes that were crushed, punctured and ripped open. My velvet settee was on it's side with it's weight on a fragile arm, gouged and scratched, and these were just the viable items in the packed units. Since we will not be actually moving our items into our new home for a few more weeks, we were unable to look at everything. At this point i have no idea the condition of the dollhouse, TV's and other furniture and boxes. I called Ron and told him what we were seeing and he basically told me that my father accepted the items and I could file a claim. I told him my 75 year old father, had no idea what was agreed to between him and I (i.e boxing of pictures, dollhouse, TV's), that I had counted on Case Moving and Storage to deliver what was promised. Stupid of me, I realize now! I too several pictures and emailed them to Ron and didn't get a reply. I will update more as we see how the rest of our belongings fared.