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Review made Live: 7/13/2015 6:09:00 PM
My boyfriend and I recently moved to the Bay Area from Atlanta, Georgia on June 10, 2015. We hired Classic Van Line (CVL) to move our belongings across country. However, it is July, 13th and we still have not received our belongings. When we originally requested a quote from CVL we told them that our HOA requires workers comp insurance provided by the moving company to move our belongings into our new home in CA. CVL assured us they could provide the proper documents for the move. Our contract states that CVL will deliver belongings 3-14 business days after delivery date provided by us. We provided a delivery date of June 10, 2015. On the 14th business day - June 30th - we still had not received our stuff, nor had anyone from the moving company called or provided us with any information regarding our belongings. We had to call them ourselves multiple times and never got any information - all we were told is that our stuff had been loaded onto a truck and had been assigned a driver but did not know when it would be in transit. At that point, the moving company informed us they had 21 business days (not 14) to deliver our belongings because we are in the state of California. After rereading our contract, it clearly states 14 business days with California NOT being included in the 21 business day time frame. Everyday since the 14th business day we have called to locate the whereabouts of our belongings. On July 1st (15 business days), we FINALLY received an email stating that our stuff was "in transit." We obviously knew we were not receiving our belongings before the weekend (plus the holiday) so on Monday, July 6th we called to inquire about our goods once again. We were told that the driver would contact us 24 hours in advanced to let us know when he would be arriving. Well, we never received a call - not Tuesday, not Wednesday, not Thursday - and every time we tried to call the driver he did not answer. We were finally told by the moving company that the driver was in Sacramento on Tuesday (an hour and half away from our house). By Thursday when we still had not received a call from the driver we called yet again to CVL to inquire. Of course, no one called us back and they do not answer the phones after 5PM EST. Friday morning (July 10th - business day 22) we called again and was informed that our stuff could be at our house in 2 hours which would be 11AM PST - so my boyfriend made arrangements to be at home by 11:00am for the delivery of our belongings. When he called the driver once he got home the driver informed him that he would be another hour or so before coming to our house. At 12:30pm when my boyfriend had not received a phone call from the driver nor had the driver shown up, he called AGAIN to find out where he was. At that point in time the driver said he would not be arriving to our place until 6:30pm or 7:00pm. (Our HOA has strict rules on delivery - Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm - which we absolutely made aware to CVL) My boyfriend immediately called CVL to find out why the driver would not be there until so late. Miraculously at 2:24pm the driver shows up to our house. He had his girlfriend and an older dude in the truck with him. They parked in the bike lane on Dublin Blvd. and asked my boyfriend if this was where they were allowed to park. My boyfriend informed him yes and showed them where the door was. Well, apparently the older dude did not believe my boyfriend and proceeded to make his way into the management office to ask for confirmation. At that time she confirmed they were parked in the correct spot but could not move our stuff because they did not have the workers comp insurance. So my boyfriend calls the owner of CVL (Paul) who calls the boss of the guys delivering (apparently this was a subcontracted driver/company - new information to us since we were told by CVL that CVL is NOT a broker) and after Paul and the drivers boss yelled at each other in Arabic on speaker phone for close to an hour the driver and his buddy got in truck and drove away with our belongings and stopped answering our phone calls. So now we were left ALL weekend without any knowledge of the whereabouts of our stuff. And to this day all we know is that it is in some storage unit in San Francisco. When we called CVL this morning Paul would speak to my boyfriend and Paul's wife told us she heard there was a problem with our building. There is NO problem with our building. It is no business day 23 (clearly past the 14 day, even 21 business day window for deliver) and we still do not have our stuff. CVL is holding our stuff hostage and asking us to pay $1500 before they will tell us where we have to go pick it up ourselves and move it ourselves. This has to be absolutely ILLEGAL for CVL to hold a person's belongings ransom because they can not provide the proper information for delivery. We would not have chosen this company if we knew they could not provide us with workers comp. Please be advised that since we have been in California (June 10th) we have been sleeping on an air mattress (as has my 2 1/2 year old son) and/or on the floor, we've had only the clothes we packed in suit cases, we have no furniture, no cooking utensils (except the pan and plastic cups/spoons/plates we HAD to buy) no TV's, no beds, NOTHING. And we will be left with nothing if someone does not step in. What are we supposed to do?? This company has terrible reviews (which we wish would've known before we hired them). CVL required a 50% deposit at pick up which we paid $1987 and the rest at drop off. Since they drivers did not deliver our furniture we did not pay the other half. Now our stuff is in some storage unit that we do not know the location of and CVL will not give us the location until we pay them another $1500. So basically they want us to pay to go pick up our own stuff (a 3 bedroom house worth of belongings) and move it ourselves. We live in Dublin - according to CVL our stuff is in a storage unit in San Francisco. That is not an easy move granted my boyfriend had wrist surgery two months ago and just had the last pin removed from his wrist today. Not only would we have to pay $1500 just to know the location of our goods but we would also have to pay ANOTHER moving company to move it for us. This is not fair, this cannot be legal and the people hurt in this situation is my family. It is not our fault that were told we could have proper workers comp and then not given it and the appropriate time. I will list the links below to CVL as well as reviews. We are also filing a complaint with the Florida Dept. of Consumer Services because that is where the company is headquartered. We intend on hiring an attorney and suing this company for breach of contract and holding our belongings hostage for ransom. This company also quoted us the above amount and doubled our price at the time of pick up - we were required to put $1987 down at pickup with the rest upon delivery. Well, we never received our belongings.. This company also states they are NOT brokers, yet they subcontract all their work to other people. They don't care who they are - the hoodrats driving the delivery truck looked like druggies and alcoholics off the street and they reaked of cigarettes. So unprofessional. Not people you would ever trust with any of your valuables. They also do not provide you the proper rights handbook that is stated in the contract. These people are nothing but liars, cheaters, scammers and do not care about their customers. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. We intend on suing them until they go out of business which is exactly what they deserve, Too many customers have let them get away with running this business and it has to stop NOW. KARMA bitches. - if you search Classic Van Line under this website a complaint was filed in 2014