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Submitted this review about Compac Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 9/1/2010 4:40:00 AM
All of the reviews seem to point to the same practice that Yuval Amiel does. He has bogus weights, false weights of trucks and has robbed many people as he has robbed us. This man is unreal. It would be very possible to file a Class Action Lawsuit against Amiel to get our money refunded that he overcharged us and hopefully put this person out of business. To date, he even signed an Agreement with me about repaying me the overcharge and did NOT follow through. He doesn't like what is written about him on the net, so that is also one way we can all keep getting the public to know about his unlawful business practices. He needs to be stopped. He must be stopped!!!! He knew that I am disabled, YET, thought nothing to rip us off the money and hold the truck for so long with many medical supplies that could not fit in our car. I even had to sleep for 2 weeks on an air mattress which disabled me more, and he promised that my bed would arrive on time...LOL...on time, late and basically thrown in my house and left all unassembled. Please feel free to contact me to proceed with this matter. As we know, things get done better in groups and there is NO REASON that we all should have been ripped off in such similar fashion and caused all this grief too us during a stressful enough time when moving. He is also very abusive as most of you mention and needs to be put out of business....we can do it! I strongly desire to have a person like this removed from being in business due to what he has done and stop him from doing this to anymore people. Also, let it be known that almost everything about the company and the people behind it are all lies, even location, names, etc....please read all the sites on the net that even tell more. So, Please contact me...TYVM