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Submitted this review about Continental Relocation Corp
Review made Live: 7/30/2010 1:16:00 AM
I was only moving ONE bedroom with 2 wardrobe boxes and 18 other boxes, which included my LOVESAC sofas. OK. They showed up with a truck that was 90% full already. We were being charged per cubic feet. They guy - who I could barely understand (Delta Movers on the truck), told me that after he had packed 80% of my stuff that he would have to come back for the rest on the following day. He also told me that it was going to cost me $4,200 which included tape and "everything"? from the original $1,385 quote. Their quote was a little cheaper than a lot of other movers by a few hundred that's why I went with them, plus they were super sweet - part of the scam. Anyway, I told them to take all of my stuff (not so politely) off of the truck, several times. They refused. It became "Let's Make a Deal." We were really stuck because we had to be in Florida in 2 days and did not have time to play games. I finally worked out a "deal" of paying them $2,400 - but only as long as I paid him some extra cash as a tip - that's what he told me! I had called two weeks straight prior to my pickup asking why they did not charge my credit card for the deposit so I wouldn't have to deal with cash and they said they would...they never did...I guess so this way you can't get your bank involved as Fraud. I went to the ATM to withdraw more cash and had family still at the house watching them. My father-in-law and husband measured the cubic feet that we were being charged for and we weren't even close to coming near our original estimate. We even added an extra foot length x width x height just to prove to them that we knew they were BS-ing us. In any event, when I returned from the ATM, they were in my game room opening up collectible bottles of whiskey and drinking them and playing pool on my father-in-law's pool table. I signed something he said was standard paperwork saying that they came and picked up however many pieces - the inventory list. He was covering up the paperwork and would not let me take it from him and read it. They never returned until 2 days later - a totally different crew. They drug my $2500 mattress down my driveway, never covering it, tearing it and ripping the handles and totally destroyed my $5000 bedroom suit. We are NOT RICH by any means, we just work hard and save to buy nice things. I immediately contacted Max after several attempts and being left on hold for 30-60 plus minutes and he said that he fired the guys immediately and to deduct the "tip" money of $400 off of my balance. After our things FINALLY arrived and Max assured me that we would be receiving money back from the owner for being overcharged - never happened - all of our stuff was damaged. We even had sand in our boxes and some had been ransacked. We realized instantly that we were missing a piece of our couch that comes in a box and several other boxes that had sentimental items in them. Max said that they were looking for them and that he turned everything over to his insurance company. My bedroom furniture was covered in motor oil and stained my beige carpets in my new home. Max said it takes 45 days for the insurance company to get back to me and 45 days are now up....NOTHING!!!!!!! Run, run away from them. I am filing a lawsuit in August when I return to NJ for business and am personally making a trip to their office.