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Late, broken goods, and multiple lies

Submitted this review about Cross Country Vanlines
Review made Live: 9/19/2007 1:28:00 PM
Move from NYC to Los Angeles. Nationwide set us up with Cross Country Van Lines as the carrier (going to flame them as well). Original quote was raised substantially because the Nationwide rep didn't bother reading my emailed inventory of our things. Packers showed up at 630 in the morning (well over an hour early - i don't consider this to be a benefit), although with only 2 guys to pack and load a large 2 bedroom new york city apartment. we thought they did a good job, although we have since discovered as we unpack that they basically threw all of our stuff into boxes without truly packing things. we paid a lot of money for "dish packs", which turned out to be large cardboard boxes with our dishes wrapped in paper. Paid a lot for wardrobe boxes - only 1 was used as a true hanging wardrobe. the rest were used to just jam clothing in top to bottom. we originally contracted through nationwide because the rep (Harryman Baquero - do not trust this person) stated "the only way your stuff won't be there by August 31 is if the truck breaks down." Liar. When we received the contract, of course it listed Aug 31 - Sept 6 as the delivery window. We finally called on the 30th to check status. At that point, no one with Nationwide or Cross country could or would tell us where our belongings were, just that it would be at least another week. I talked with Ralph a few times, and with the Nationwide rep, who reported to me that Ralph stated "their stuff is somewhere between New Jersey and California, and if they want to get fussy they can call me directly." real professionals. I then asked for Ralph's supervisor, and was put through to Mike DeBenedetto. Mike is a very nice guy who seems to be caught in the web of lies spun by his company. Or maybe he's just a good actor. Mike was finally able to tell me that he thought our stuff would be to LA early in the week following the end of the delivery window. He also told me that the only way to file a claim for delay was to pay for delivery, then go back to the company and request compensation, but that it would probably only be $20-$30 per day. That is ridiculous for this type of move, and i told him so. At the end of all, they delivered on September 15, 9 days past the end of the window, and 25 days after they picked up in NY. Broken items include a couch, a table, lampshades, and countless small items that were simply thrown into boxes. I will be filing claims for delay and the broken and damaged goods. I would NEVER EVER EVER use these people (or Nationwide) again for any move. They lied, refused to communicate, were excessively late on the delivery, were rude on the phone, and handled my property poorly. If you are considering them, please feel free to email me and i'll try to convince you otherwise.