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Submitted this review about Crown Royal Moving
Review made Live: 3/15/2010 4:17:00 AM
I received an original estimate from Paul Towber for 6000 lbs. He said the cost to move CROSS COUNTRY would be $3500. I found that hard to believe since the other moving companies I'd received estimates from ranged from $5000 - $7000. I told Paul that if he would provide a NOT TO EXCEED agreement, then I would go with Crown Royal Moving. He wrote on the estimate in his own handwriting that the estimated price was a BINDING PRICE and NOT TO EXCEED $3500. I asked if he was sure that would hold up since it was not a legal document and he said it would. If I had any trouble, I was to give him a call. Moving day came and not only was the truck FOUR HOURS LATE, because of this they ended up loading my things until 11pm at night. Once they had everything on the truck, Eric Lucci, who was in charge of the crew, told me I had exceeded the allowed space and therefore the price would go up. I told him Paul had given me a NOT TO EXCEED agreement written on the estimate, and I showed him the paperwork. He said he could not honor that price or the Not to Exceed promise, and my only choices were to pay the inflated price of $5125 or they would unload all my things from the truck back into the house. I argued about the legality of a binding price, but he said since it was so late at night, he couldn't do anything about it - either sign or they unload. So I signed. He told me to call the owner when I got to CA and straighten it out. I called the owner once I had found a place to deliver my things, and the owner was very rude about the price and would not honor the Not To Exceed Agreement. I called Paul and he told me he would talk to Vili (I think that was the owner's name) but then when I called back since Paul had not gotten back to me and the truck was waiting, Paul would no longer answer my calls. Vili insisted I either pay him the second half of the $5125 or he would unload my things into storage and then I could pay the storage and a second cost to move everything when I figured it out, or I could lose all my stuff. Obviously I had no choice and ended up releasing the funds to him on my credit card. I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN. They are crooks and will screw you over. I was unable to sue them in small claims court for the difference between the actual cost and the estimate because I would've had to file in NY and attend court there, and I couldn't afford to fly back to represent myself or hire a lawyer on my behalf. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Please contact me (if this site allows it) for scanned copies of the paperwork to prove my story.