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Horror Vehicle Move

Submitted this review about Dependable Auto Shippers
Review made Live: 8/17/2009 8:55:00 PM
DO NOT.... I REPEAT DO NOT use this company, especially for an international move. It took them 30 day's to pick-up and delivers my vehicle from California to Alberta Canada. The sales department is totally dishonest, and just tells you what you want to here, so you book your move with them. If by chance any one does use them, have everything you ask, returned in writing. I was told from the sales person that it would take approximately 10-14 days for the move, which I thought was normal due to the fact that a previous move I had 3 years ago from California took 14 Day's door to door. I was also told this was a door-to-door service, and that car would be delivered to my Devon address. Well that never happened, in fact I had to pick the car up in Edmonton, from their unsecured bond warehouse, which had a $75.00 pick-up fee and a $90.00 daily charge for every day the vehicle sat there. I was not told that little piece of information either. I was also under the understanding that DAS was to do all the customs paper work to have the vehicle brought into Canada, as they do advertise making your move simple, NOT TRUE, This move was a nightmare, for someone that has been in this business for as long as they have, they have no clue with customs paperwork. I don't have the time or the space to write about the nightmare I had at the Washington border and all the running around for 4 hours to get the paperwork once it arrived in Edmonton, so I could get this vehicle picked up right away so I would not have a huge storage bill as well. Their driver was supposed to contact me when the vehicle arrived in Edmonton, but he never did. I got the Edmonton's bond warehouse from one of Das customer service agents, and called them myself to check on the arrival, which I am so glad I did, or it could have taken days or even weeks for me to get a call, which I could have had a hefty storage bill to pay. I almost forgot to mention, This Company is good at one thing, and that’s taking your money, they have that down pat!!! they do need to change their name to VERY UNDEPENDABLE AUTO SHIPPERS. If you use them expect all kinds of excuses and delays, hidden costs that aren't mentioned, and completely lied to. I'm certain there is much a better company out there to move your vehicle with. After all, if I could have taken time off work then, I would have been able to drive to California and back in a week. After all this crap they put me through, the car arrived with damage, and the extra insurance they charge $150.00 for is also a rip-off. I almost forgot to mention their online tracking system, is a joke, I believe they mail the different destinations where the vehicle is, and when it crosses the border into Canada, they cannot even track good satellite tracking system, the satellite must be located under water. BEWARE DO NOT USE THEM...