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Worst movers ever

Submitted this review about DMV Moving and Storage Inc
Review made Live: 8/30/2011 8:03:00 PM
Hands down the WORST FUCKING MOVERS EVER. We scheduled our move 6 weeks in advance via, as to make sure we didn't have any issues with securing movers or a truck. What a mistake. So the weekend before, they emailed us multiple times to confirm that we were still on for 8am on Monday. So far so good. 8 am comes and goes. Oscar, the owner, calls us at 8:30 and feeds us some story about how they had trouble getting into the storage unit and that the guys were on their way and should be there by 10:00 at the latest. 10 am comes and goes, and still no word from the movers, or Oscar. Eventually I called the guy back, and his story has now changed to be that they couldn't find a gas station that sold diesel, and that the guys were now on their way and that they should be at our place by 10:30. Long story short, they didn't show up till 11:30, 3.5 HOURS LATE! Showed up in a Rental truck (sketchy) and didn't have any uniforms or anything. The foreman and the other guys have me show them around the house, and then they tell me that I have to pay for packing materials. I tell them, I don't want any packing materials and that they can just wrap our furniture in the blankets that they have in the truck. The foreman seemed annoyed at this and kept pushing the issue. Eventually he backed off and the guys got to work. Everything seemed to be going ok, until they started carrying heavier furniture. While coming down the stairs they destroyed my wife's $1000 desk because they were rushing and being careless.. Little did I realize, they also had put massive gashes in my daughters bedroom furniture (brand new) and some other items from our bedroom set. Between them sending text messages, using profanity (in both english and spanish) and generally being lazy and asking me for water, I was getting pretty upset. Eventually they finished, but left a bunch of garbage in my rental property (packing materials, tape, etc). So we leave, and I decide I'm going to follow the guys just to make sure my stuff gets there ok. We got to our new property, and by then the guys had completely kicked into slow gear (well except for one guy, he did a great job). Little did I realize that they were doing this on purpose as shortly after arriving, the foreman informs me that we are past the agreed upon 5 hours, and that the total billable time would be 8.5 hours. By then I'm furious. The foreman (and oscar) tell me that they aren't going to unpack the rest of truck unless I agree to pay for the additional time, even though they wasted three and a half hours of my time. At that point I was just exhausted, wanted them to leave, and just signed it - and decided to take it up with my credit card company at a later date. The workers were clearly annoyed at that point, were generally being sketchy, and finally dropped my armoire off the truck, completely destroying it. I wound up doing just as much work unpacking the truck as the guys we hired. So, if you like burning your money, spending your day pissed off, and want to have all of your possessions destroyed, hire DMV Movers. If not, buy a pile of rocks, at least the rocks won't steal your money. If I could give them a negative rating, I would.