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Long Distance Moving with Dishonest Company

Submitted this review about DMV Moving and Storage Inc
Review made Live: 6/24/2011 5:46:00 PM
DO NOT USE DMV Moving and Storage Inc! I needed to move from DC area to Dallas, TX and researched for days for a moving company that would not give me a headache. I was unable to use a national brand because they were all booked during the month of June, so I went with DMV Moving and Storage Inc. That was a BIG Mistake! Oscar, the owner, came out to look at my furniture for my small move to Dallas. He was courteous and responsive while trying to get my business. I had called 3 of his references before he came to give me an estimate. The 3 references advised that I obtain a flat rate contract because the company will insist on piling on additional charges during the move. His references informed me that they often forced to pay extra packing fees even though were told that those expenses would be included. So, I entered into a flat rate contract with Oscar and included, in writing, all my packing expenses (for my mattress and TV). Oscar also guaranteed pick up on June 16 and a delivery date between June 27 to July 1st. The movers picked up my furniture on time, so I was confident that I would have no worries. I WAS WRONG! Even though Oscar knew that I was not in Dallas, TX prior to June 27 he insisted that he have the driver deliver the furniture in advance. I told him countless times that we had agreed on a time frame for delivery and that I was not in town to have the delivery made any sooner. He and his driver demanded that I make myself available for the delivery even though I was out of the state! They informed me that it was my fault that they would be late for their other deliveries even though our contract explicitly stated a delivery time frame. In order to accommodate the movers, I had a friend TAKE OFF OF WORK so that the delivery could be made to my apartment. Because I had not scheduled the loading dock (because the delivery was not made according to the contract), I was told by my apartment buidling that the delivery would have to be made through the front door. Even when I accommodated Oscar and his crew so that they could make a delivery to other customers, Oscar insisted that I pay him an extra $75 on a delivery that was already $1140 because the crew would have to walk around the block because the loading dock was not available. I informed him that I would not pay that amount because that was not my fault. Oscar yelled at me and cut me off when I explained that the terms of our contract and the flat rate fee had been set. He insisted that I pay his drivers or I would not get my stuff during a twenty minute conversation where he berated me! I was not even in the same town and was doing him a favor! Just to get Oscar out of my hair I agreed to pay more money over the agreed rate in order to get my stuff. But, I agreed only to pay after my friend confirmed that all my boxes and furniture had been delivered. When I refused to pay before they completed, Oscar then yelled at me again on the phone! When I told his assistant that I would authorize payment only after the delivery was complete, she said ok. But, Oscar then called my 7 times from 2 different phone numbers, and left me 3 text messages. He then told the movers to STOP working because I was not going to pay them, which was not true. It was ironic because he was hiking the price up on me and accusing me of being a crook! The movers then argued with my friend, who had absolutely nothing to do with the contract. Then Oscar got on the phone with my friend and yelled at him! When my friend assured the drivers that I would pay once the job was complete, they finished working. But they were concerned about getting paid because, as they told my friend, Oscar might not pay them! So, Oscar was not only being a crook to a customer but also to his own workers! When I finally arrived to my apartment a day later, I found all my boxes and furniture. There were some scratches on my dresser. But I also discovered that I had obtained a box filled with kitchen goods that weren't mine! So, some customer is missing their kitchen stuff and I have no idea who it is! In short, DO NOT USE DMV Moving and Storage Inc. If you do use the company, please know that you will end up paying MORE than you bargained for. MUCH MORE if you want to get your stuff!