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Submitted this review about DN Van Lines
Review made Live: 2/13/2013 1:16:00 PM
This was the third time I had hired DN Van Lines as my movers. They had previously been my movers twice before, and the price was right, and the move went very smoothly, no problems….so I thought “why not hire them again”. This third time, everything was going great up until it was time to make the payment. I had 2 separate piles of cash, one was $343 which I was using towards my new rent payment, and the other pile had $30 which I was going to give to the two movers as tip. The move had actually only taken 2 hours to perform, but since there is a 3 hour minimum, my total came to $311, so I thought a $30 tip should suffice. One of the movers went back into the truck to start it up and head back to the office, while the other mover finished up paperwork with me. I was filling out the comment card (explaining what a great job they had done in the past and how great they always are), and handed him a check for the actual move, and cash for the tip. Note: On the paper receipt where I signed, it was stated that a 10-15% tip is customary, but not required. I handed the mover the cash tip and told him to split it with the other mover. He said thank-you, and drove off in the truck with the other mover. Later that night when I was organizing my bills I had discovered that I had accidently given the mover the pile of cash containing $343 and not $30! I was obviously very upset because I was depending on this money to put towards my rent. I called the office, but it was afterhours so I left a message on the answering machine explaining what had happened and asking them to call me in the morning. I then remembered that I had the cell phone number of the mover who I had handed the money to because he had called me earlier asking for directions. I called him, but he didn’t pick up. He then texted me stating how he didn’t recognize the number. I explained to him who I was and what had happened. He had agreed that I overpaid and stated that I gave him only $143! This is not true, but I wasn’t about to argue, I was just happy that he had acknowledged what had happened and he suggested that since he would still have to get the money back from the other mover (because they split it), that he and I call the office and explain what happened to the owner and perhaps he can write me a check for the money I accidently gave, and the two movers could pay the company back directly the next time they are working. I called the office again several times that morning explaining what the mover and I had discussed. The gentleman answering the phone said he would speak to the owner and have him call me back. Later that afternoon around 2 PM, I still had not heard from anyone and was getting anxious as my rent was due that evening. I called DN Van Lines again, and spoke to the same gentleman who had said that he spoke to the owner and the owner said nothing can be done. I asked to speak to him, but was denied. I tried explaining how everyone in the party acknowledges what had happened and that this was my third time using this company, and surely some compromise can be reached. The gentleman (who will remain nameless) said it is up to me to contact the movers directly and get the money back, (he then gave me the personal cell phone number of the other mover) and hung up the phone. I immediately called the other mover and explained what had happened. I even offered to drive to his place which is 1.5 hours away to get the money, but he kept making excuses, then finally said “It is too late to ask for the money back” and hung up on me. I then called the original mover who I had spoken to and told him what the situation is, and he said he would write a check for a mere $55 and leave it at the office for me to pick up on the following Monday. I told him how I was upset that he took over a 100% tip on a 2 hour move that only cost $311, and that his good judgment and moral fibers didn’t suggest him to question the hefty tip, to make sure it was not a mistake. He stated that they get tips like that “all the time”, I then reminded him that on the receipt it said a 10-15% tip is customary, not 100%, and so I know that he should have questioned the amount. Regardless, on Monday I asked if he had dropped of the check, and never heard anything back from him since. I called the office to verify, and they said no check had been dropped off. I am EXTREMELY upset because I have used this company three times! I literally got the cash pile mixed up WHILE writing a positive review for them! I wasn’t even allowed to talk to the owner, and the staff was extremely unhelpful. They heard my message on the answering machine, yet never called me the next morning; even after I called them 3-4 times the next morning, the owner never returned my call as promised. And then when he finally knew the whole story and how critical that money is for me and my well being was completely uncooperative and abrupt. I am a single girl moving in the middle of winter by herself and no compassion was given. Everyone acknowledged that overpayment had occurred, yet nothing was done about it. $343 is a substantial amount of money to me, and the moral decisions that were made by DN Van Lines customer service staff, movers, and owner is appalling.