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Worst moving experience - ever

Submitted this review about Don Farr Moving
Review made Live: 7/8/2009 2:16:00 PM
I have moved all over the country and Don Farr Moving is BY FAR the WORST COMPANY I have ever had for a move. The sales rep who came to my house completely underestimated the size of my move so the estimate he gave me was a joke. The movers arrived 2 hours late the day of pick up. 2 of the three looked like they just rolled in from a night of partying! When I complained to the "foreman", he just laughed and said "It is hard to get good help these days." (Not very comforting!) I was promised that my belongings would arrive within 5 business days. Another joke! My items - after numerous phone calls - arrived on the 15th business day from the day they picked up my items. When I requested reimbursement for living expenses for the extra 2 weeks, they told me they don't do that! So far - they completely lied to me about the cost of the move, they send the most unprofessional movers and they lied to me about when I would get my belongings. Now I am aggrivated - to say the least! When my belongings arrived - at least 50% were damages with 25% of those completely destroyed - I was told I could file a claim but it probably wouldn't be worth my time! That's when I began to call - relentlessly - for a manager. Finally, a sales rep took pity on me and gave me the information to file the claim. I did file that claim. It is now 4 months from the date of my move and I am furious. DO NOT USE DON FARR - ARPEN MOVING - HINDMAN MOVING - or any other name they use. (I didn't know this at the time I chose Don Farr or I would have NEVER used them. What reputable company needs to keep changing and/or adding names???)