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Submitted this review about Door To Door Moving
Review made Live: 10/14/2015 3:43:00 PM
Door to Door is dishonest, untrustful and very arrogant. They made promesses they couldn’t keep from the beginning to the end. We needed an express shipping because we had the baby furniture and my motorcycle inside the pods that would help me look for an apartment faster. They told us to move forward to get it as soon as possible and that they would get us a quote for express asap. What they did was really scammy because they pushed us to get everything shipped the next tuesday and they gave us the quote that doubled the price only after they picked up all of our stuff. Of course we refused but it was already too late. My wife had to go live to her mother for two weeks because we had no furnitures and I had no vehicle to look for an apartment. When I tried to get at least the second pod refund they keep telling me that we never insisted on the express shipping based on the call they listened. Of course, Jackie, the manager, refused to send me all full conversations instead proposed to send me just the parts that made sense to them. And the only thing I got is a conversation between another sales person and another client. Beautifully done Jackie! Added to that, after speaking multiple times on the phone, Skip (sorry if the spelling is wrong) told me on the 13th that everything should arrive today. When I call on the 14th to talk to Jackie tells me that no, it will should arrive between the 15 and the 20th. So yes, I’m upset and confused. Again. And I’d advise anyone to use another service like for which I’ve heard great things from people I told my story. Good luck on your moving.