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Do NOT use Door to Door

Submitted this review about Door To Door Moving
Review made Live: 9/5/2015 2:35:00 PM
Summary: Not worth the hassle of your belongings being shipped to the farthest place away from your intended destination and living without your belongings for 1 month. Customer service representatives have no capability of helping you. They use an archaic (paper) tracking system so they won't know where your container is. Poor management and lack of accountability. I had a long distance move from Pennsylvania to Texas. The estimated date of delivery from date of container pick up was 2 weeks. Full container was picked up 8/3/2015 and arrived in Texas on 8/13/2015, not too bad right? However, the soonest they could deliver was 8/19/2015 so that's an additional 6 days without your belongings (no bed, no furniture, no clothes, no kitchenware/cookware, no chairs, no amenities, whatever you put in the moving container). Come 8/19/2015, we receive a call saying our moving container is not in Texas and they have no idea where it is. The company takes 2 business day to figure out what happened. Customer service representatives have no clue or ability to figure out what is going on. Turns out, they shipped our moving container from Texas to Seattle, Washington (the furthest place possible from Texas and Pennsylvania within a span of 6 days of the container being at your intended destination). Even knowing this, they would not stop mid-transport and turn it around. They had to wait for the moving container to arrive in Seattle and then transport it back to Texas. They said this was a "hot priority" and that "everyone knows that this container is supposed to be delivered to you as soon as possible". The moving container arrives back in Texas on 8/28/2015. Well, the soonest they can deliver is 9/2/2015. We had to call to yell at them to get them to deliver our moving container on 9/1/2015. Their standard rate of reimbursement is $25/day for every missed business day (does not include weekends) of your container not being delivered. For your sanity and peace of mind, do not use Door to Door.