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Submitted this review about Door-To-Door
Review made Live: 1/12/2010 12:32:00 AM
What a process! Terrible! At first, customer service was friendly, with giving a good quote to ship the car. Everything was good until the pickup date. I even PRE-PAID with a Credit Card so my parents who would receive the car in CT, would not have to pay a dime to get my car. There was NO communication regarding WHEN the car was getting picked up on the date requested. No phone calls, NO responses. I had to call MANY times to get a hold of SOMEONE regarding the status of picking up the car! The didn't come the day requested and submitted....I had to call AGAIN to check to see when someone was coming, therefore in turn, I had to spend money on a hotel night since it was too late at that point to begin our travels up north (1500 miles). The next day, I had to wait forever until I finally got through to someone to get someone OUT to come get the car. Meanwhile, it is stressful enough to move and I thought this process to ship the car up would be the easiest part of it all! One guy finally showed up at NIGHT, in the rain, to inspect the car and to tow it to the 18 wheeler for shipment. my contract it said 3-5 days for delivery. Well, that DEFINITELY was NOT the case. Also I said to the the guy who took the Jeep to make sure it gets up to CT by December 24th (as promised) so that I may use my car then. NO. Still no call no answers, no sound as to where the Jeep was or where it was on route. THEN, finally my parents call saying that the Jeep is to be delivered (at this point in time it was December 26th) and that they would have to pay about $300 cash upon delivery!!! I had PRE-PAID in FULL!!! How dare they ask for MORE money??? So then I called, complaining about that stupid charge and they said, "oh no no, you pre-paid, you are ok". I said "OFCOURSE i am ok, I know what I paid and when I paid it!" At least the car arrived undamaged and safe. But, I swear, I will NEVER EVER EVER go with this company again NOR recommend them to my family or friends or even strangers!! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS!! STAY AWAY FROM DOOR TO DOOR!