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Very Unprofessional

Submitted this review about e-z moving
Review made Live: 10/10/2009 12:42:00 PM
The movers arrived to my place without notification (although they said they would call 30 mins. in advance). It was two guys that were very unprofessional. When they first came, they looked around at my things and had me sign the paper to clock the time the "started". Well after that, they went to their truck. When 15 minutes went by, I went to see what they were doing, they were talking and smoking, on my time! After they noticed I was checking on them they finally came to start moving. I choose the hourly rate, so they took their sweet time. It took them 2.5 hours to move a small 1 bdrm apartment (and I moved within the same city only 10 miles away). When they loaded my things off the truck, I saw that they put my coffee table in first which after being crushed against heavy items, broke. Then after they finished, they tried to say I owed them $25 more dollars for gas and millage. I had to contact the manager and put her on the phone with them and she agreed that I didn't have to pay that fee (they were trying to rip me off of $25, I don't know I guess they thought I was a just a gullible "woman") The manager was contacted and she sent me a $33 check for a $250 coffee table, even though this could have been easily prevented had they been professional movers and put the fragile items in last. To top things off, one of the movers tried to hit on me. I didn't expect to be harassed and eye balled by the movers. Do not go with them if you care about your items and want things done in a professional way.