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Totally Terrible---a year-long battle

Submitted this review about e-z moving
Review made Live: 10/14/2009 2:22:00 PM
We don't live in a perfect world. And, no person or company is perfect. This also goes for moving companies. I received a quote from E-Z Movers to move my furniture from Indiana to Minneapolis. Sadly, one of my chairs went missing and that's when the real fight began. First, they took three months to "look" for the chair. When they couldn't find it, they said they would give me $24 for the $150 chair. I didn't that was very acceptable and sent a fax to the main movers association in Virgina to complain. After a few weeks, E-Z Movers agreed to pay me $75 for the chair. But, just when they were about to send the money they said they were having "budget problems" and could not send the money. Months and months pass and I sent another fax to the movers assoication in Virgina. Well, E-Z Movers decided to send them a copy of a check to them and to me. It stated that the check was sent. But, it wasn't. So, I had to send another fax to Virgina and then finally they sent the check. What a disgraceful company. Also, the whole quote system is bogus. They nickle and dime you on everything. They have this 75 feet rule...where they charge you extra if the movers have to haul the furniture more than 75 feet. Guess what the distance was...80 feet. They measured it for me...cost....$450 extra. Do not trust this company. Do not trust this company.