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True Story of my Move With the Company

Submitted this review about East Moving
Review made Live: 8/14/2012 5:23:00 PM
It has been some time since I did this review however, I want to first state that the representative I had while the move was going on was doing the best that could be. This is a very honest story of what happened. I am not making this up nor to bash the company. I planned my entire moved and was quoted well in advance. I was downsizing to moving in with my parents so the amount of items that we're being moved was enough to fill 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and the few items for a "game room" (tv, desk etc) What took another set of mover less than 2 hours (including the 45 min traveling time) took these movers 6-7 hours. Here is what happened and why. - The movers we're late but packed up pretty quickly. - They asked to stop and get some food on the way since they had been working back to back. I agreed since McDonalds was on the way and they stated I wouldn't be charged at all for this time. - The lunch break took over 30 mins and ironically the manager called to see how things we're going. I explained to her what happened and she was very UPSET! - Within less than 2 mins the "head" mover came over and literally went off on me about calling in the manager on him. - I had someone else on the phone so they heard everything, I explained afterwards to the guys that the manager called me to check in on things and I just explained to her that you guys we're grabbing a bit to eat. But regardless he shouldn't have taken a lunch break and I was doing him a favor - On the way, (2 mins later) the driver calls and asks for closest gas station because they are on E. Where we we're there were not many gas stations anymore (we had passed a million of them!!) - The van ended up stopping and the guys had to get gas. - Needless to say every 15 mins I had or was placing a call to update the office staff/manager per requested. They we're livid! - After finally getting 1-2 gallons of gas, we stopped to fill up the entire truck. (I am not making up this story either) - By the time we made it to our destination they took quite a bit to unload. - The driver who also was over the other two guys (movers) decided he wanted to charge me for the move close to $400 dollars. He added up all this time and subtracted the 20mins from lunch and came up with the price. He had no clue I spoke to office the entire time. -I explained to him that I spoke to the manager and ended up paying for only the time it took for them to unload my items which was barely anything. He was livid but before he could speak I ended up having the manager on speaker and she explained to him. - I submitted an email off all the statements to managers as requested. Again the movers we're bad but the staff tried to do as much as they could. It is hard to rate the moving company verses the movers but the fact that the movers represent the company I would just pay more for another company. I did (barely much more) and again, had prompt service and time. They moved the same items in less than 2 hours including a 45 min traveling time.