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Submitted this review about East West Van Lines
Review made Live: 10/11/2013 12:08:00 AM
I am truly disappointed in this company. I had such high hopes in the very beginning that I had found the right moving company, because not only was the price "right" but my salesperson, Dave was fantastic! I had scheduled a move a few days prior with Dave for a moving date of September 28th from San Diego to Boise. Everything went fairly smooth until delivery. Dave ensured me that everything would arrive within 7-10 days of pick-up. Sure enough I got a voicemail from a lady at the office that following Sunday saying that she had a truck heading my way and had asked if I would be available for delivery on Tuesday. I called back and I said, "no, I will not be in my place until Wednesday." She told me that was fine that they could deliver early on Wednesday. So I spoke with my employer and let them know that my furniture was being delivered earlier than planned and that I would need to take the day off, they agreed. I stayed home all day Wednesday waiting for the truck or at least a phone call letting me know when they would be arriving by. I got nothing. So when I called that evening the same lady apologized and said they were having truck problems and a truck never made it out my way. GREAT! I just lost a day of wages waiting for this company. Then I recieved another phone call a couple days later saying that my stuff was being loaded onto the truck and would be there on Saturday. Again, I took off from work to wait for my stuff to arrive and they were yet again, NO SHOWS! ANOTHER day of lost wages. John (the dispatch manager?) had called me on Sunday and said that my items would be there FOR SURE on MONDAY. I waited around Monday as well, no delivery. At this point I was getting very concerned as to what happened with my stuff. My items were FINALLY delivered on Wednesday. Through this fiasco, because I was planning on having my stuff delivered way earlier I planned a business trip and booked a flight, hotel, everything. I had to CANCEL all of my accomidations and was not able to get a refund on my flight due to a last minuet cancelation, there's $500 lost because of this company right there. When my stuff finally arrives, I was happy to see it! However, when my truck driver, Tom had opened my section of the truck we both noted that many of my boxes were untaped and had clearly been gone through. I got a statement from the driver on this right there, because he says that he has had issues in the past with this company, but he was only subcontracted by them. After the movers started bringing my stuff in I noticed immediatley that my king bed was missing. The mattress and the box springs were there, however no bed. The entire reason I hired a moving company was because it was a brand new bedroom set that cost me thousands of dollars that I did not want to get rid of. AND IT WAS MISSING! After calling the company immediatley and telling them about the situation they said they would be taking care of it. I started going through and unpacking some boxes to realize that I had several items missing, a jewlrey box , wii, ps3, several pieces of jewlrey, lamps, etc. LOTS OF BIG TICKET ITEMS! Not only was I missing stuff, but I now have boxes that ARE NOT MINE! They got "mixed up" in the move and are now sitting in the middle of my dining room while this company "figures out the situation and gets a truck out." My only thoughts on this is, if I have someone else's stuff, then someone else has mine most likely. This company has been a nightmare to deal with. I've gotten no real answers in the last couple of days other than they are "investigating" and looking for my stuff. To say I am pissed off right now is an understatement. I will never do business with this company in the future, nor will I recomend that anyone use them for their move.