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Beware of Easy Movers from Glyndon, Maryland

Submitted this review about Easy Movers
Review made Live: 10/8/2015 3:17:00 PM
We hired Easy Movers from Glyndon, Maryland to pack up our belongs and move them to their storage facility for a few months and then move us to our final destination of Delaware. During the packing of our belongings I noticed that $150 was missing from my purse and I also was missing over $15,000 worth of jewelry. I immediately called the police and filed a report and told them it had to be one of the three people from Easy Movers that was in our house that day packing up our belongings for our impending move. Within 2 days the police located my jewelry. It turned out it was the 24 year old son of the moving company owner that stole my jewelry and money. The police were able to identify him through video surveillance and also the jewelry store had a copy of his drivers license when he sold my jewelry to them. To make a long story short. The owner told me he knew his son had a heroin problem and had an extensive criminal history but still put him in my house knowing that I had a ton of jewelry that they would not be moving but that would be in a hidden place in my house. The son was convicted of this crime in court. I was lucky to get all of my jewelry and money back but you would think the moving company owners would have at least given me a reduced fee for what had happen. Nothing was done for me. I paid their going rate and they even broke some items during the move. This experience has left me leery of using movers again to pack us or even physically handle the move. After what happened to me, I think one would have to be crazy to ever consider using Easy Movers of Glyndon, Maryland because they are not cheap, they break things and most importantly they will knowingly put criminals in your house to steal your valuables!!!