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Unexperienced and Very Unprofessional

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Review made Live: 5/12/2010 5:32:00 PM
Please read the letter I wrote to this company. I am appalled at the rudness and work ethic of this company. Please if you care anything about your things read the below letter.... This is concerning a claim I have filed with your company. I received your agreement form and am appalled at your offer at .60 per lb. Four pieces of furniture were damaged. A 27" TV which your company soft packed was shattered....weight is 95.2lbs....a chester drawer dresser weight 126lbs......... a bookcase weight 61lbs and a kitchen table weight 69lbs. that's a total of 351.2 lbs. which is $210.72. After all the hassle your company has caused me your offer of $135 is a slap in the face, I will go to small claims court and take my chances there. I have pictures of all the damages. All of which your company packed. They were to arrive on the 6th of April one day after my mothers funeral, between 1 and 3pm, so they could weight it at the scales and of course they showed up at almost 11pm that evening after the scales closed, I had to waiver that I had no choice and your driver knew it, I was distraught and he took complete advantage of that. Donna had promised a quick delivery within a few days of my arrival because she understood at the time I would be traveling with an ill parent...she didnt make it, she died. Ray my driver also quaranteed my things to me in a few days. I called and spoke to you and have never in my life been treated with such rudness and calis. I have been a salaried manager for The Home Depot for years. I would have fired you for your customer service skills. My things showed up 21/2 weeks later with four major pieces of furniture broke. Really? Could you imagine had my mother still been alive. It does not surprise me. I will be filing a claim against your company, with pictures and statements from people at my home on both ends. I will be filing for a full refund for the harrassement and stress your company has caused me. I will go to every website out there with this. My sister is a make up artist and she will tell everyone she knows, my brother for Lowe's he will go to everyone he knows. How dare you treat a paying customer whom trusted you to keep your word and move your things safely, the way your company has treated me. And how dare you insult me with $135.