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Submitted this review about Experienced Moving Labor
Review made Live: 12/9/2012 9:15:00 PM
Experience Moving Labor We moved from California to North Dakota. We hired a national drop ship trucking company to haul our belongings. This company we worked with recommended Experienced Moving Labor for our labor needs. Things definitely did not go well. With Experienced Moving Labor, you sign a contract with them and they find you local moving “professionals.” Once they located your local movers, your contract is with Experienced Moving Labors, the national company and not with the local movers. Your contract specifically states that Experienced Moving Labor is not liable for any damage to your property. So, when you get to your destination and you discover that your furniture is all scratched up and a box of your grandmother’s China was placed on the bottom of stack crushing three tea cups, Experienced Moving Labor will point to your contract and tell you that they are not liable and not responsible. They will tell you to work with the local moving company, who will tell you that you did not sign a contract with them, so they are neither liable nor responsible and to work with Experienced Moving Labor. Officially creating an environment where no one is liable for the damage to your property. Furthermore, if your local movers act completely unprofessional, which would result in extensive damage to your belongings, Experienced Moving Labor is not responsible for the fact that they failed to provide you with professional movers. Additionally, if your contract specifically states that you will be provided with one mover, and another mover shows up, somehow Experienced Moving Labor is not in breach of your contract. So, no one in any professional capacity is liable for the damage to your property and no one is even compelled to behave like a professional, despite the fact that you are promised professional services. Buyer beware.