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Submitted this review about Expert Movers DFW
Review made Live: 9/28/2012 7:02:00 PM
If I could give this company ZERO stars I would. Talk about poor customer service. I called and scheduled my move about 4-5 days before I needed to move. The owner, Mark, said no problem, but can I call you back to get your info, I'm not at my desk. I said, no problem. The day before my move, I had to call him back. He got my details & my move was scheduled for Thursday 4-6. 10 minutes to 6 and no movers. I called Mark & he said "oh, you haven't heard from the driver?". No. He says the driver will call. The driver called and said it would be 2 more hours. UGH. OK, but I have to move today, so I will wait. 7:30 rolls around & I am waiting still.... at 8:00 I HAVE TO CALL BACK AGAIN and the driver says "um, I'm looking at some more boxes, it's going to be another hour". GREAT. Another hour rolls by. I call the driver AGAIN. He says, "I have 20 more boxes, it should be like 20 minutes or so". I respond with, "I need to know EXACTLY what time you will be here". I will be there at 10. The movers finally get there at almost 11. One was polite, and very apologetic that they were late. However, the other was arrogant and rude. HEY, I understand you are tired. But I paid for a SERVICE which I expect to get. You can be tired without being rude. They tell me it is going to take 6 hours to move. I have a 2 story condo. Almost everything was downstairs - 43 boxes, 3 couches & a table. Upstairs is a bed & frame and 2 dressers. Everyone else that quoted said that should fit in a 3 hour time frame. But 6 hours? NO. So after some arguing, I just told them to forget about it. I called up Mark & yelled to his voicemail. He called and we talked for a couple of minutes. He seemed very sincere & was seemingly pissed at his guys for being so late. He offered me a deal to makeup for it & said "I'll call you tomorrow to confirm". I waited until 5 pm today - and had to call him AGAIN. He said he usually calls his clients back in the evenings. Well, that may be the case, but I would think after yesterday's events, I'd be first on his list to call today. Needless to say. I will NOT be using this company ever again. I have never been treated with such disregard & I work in the customer service industry. Mark was nice & I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I hope he can get some better guys working under him - because I do think he tried his best to fix a bad situation. But I'd say, he needs to get a handle on his guys before they run all his customers off. The reason the movers were so late is because they took an unscheduled job in the middle of the day. Not sure who accepted it, the movers or the boss, either way, UNACCEPTABLE. Their was a job scheduled before mine & they cancelled. I'm sure for the same reason as me.