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Dont care about damages

Submitted this review about Expert Movers DFW
Review made Live: 5/7/2014 10:52:00 AM
I have used expert movers before, twice actually. They were great then and I like to stick to company's Im comfortable with. This last move was horrendous. My movers were Jonathan and Ben, whom I was told were very seasoned movers. Off the bat it was bad. They came into my apartment with cigarettes in hand. They didnt wrap anything, not plastic or blankets, just put it all in the back of the truck. Needless to say a lot of my items were broken/destroyed. One of my small entertainment dressers was broken and their way of telling me was "Oops we had a casualty of war, but some glue should fix it" Are you kidding me?? I will have to throw it out because its beyond repair. As soon as they left, I made a complaint to the company via email so I could attach pictures. I promptly got a response back and the woman that called seemed upset and apologetic for what had happened. She assured me that she would talk to the owner and call me back by Monday, the move was on a thursday. So now its been 2 months later and have I received that call? Nope! Ive sent follow up emails and Ive called and nothing. I understand things get broken on moves but everything that broke or was damaged could have been avoided if they werent so careless. Clearly this company doesnt care about what happens to their customers and doesnt want to help them. I probably wold have considered using them again if they'd owned up and followed through with their promises. Im done with this company. My next complaint will be with BBB.