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Multitude of damages, unresponsive to claims

Submitted this review about Expert Movers DFW
Review made Live: 11/17/2014 6:59:00 PM
I checked out the reviews on Yelp for Expert Movers DFW, and saw a few (really) bad reviews, but they had 4 stars overall from 17 reviews. I thought that didn't seem too bad, so I hired Expert Movers DFW for moving on Aug 24 2014. My bad. I should have checked the not recommended reviews as well, where there were many, many more 1 star reviews for this company. During the move, nearly every piece of furniture I had was damaged in some way; this included torn leather couch, badly scratched dining table, to name a few; even my refrigerator no longer opened or closed quite right anymore. Not to mention the damages incurred around the house; dent and chips and scratches on door frames, front door, and walls. The advertised "trained staff" seemed to have missed their training in maneuvering big furniture/appliances; their "expert" methods seemed to be: "if it doesn't fit, force it." Despite their "padding of furniture", they still managed to badly scratched my dining table; even after I had disassembled it to smaller pieces. As for their advertised "dis-assembly & reassembly", they did not have any tools to dis-assemble my refrigerator handles, so it couldn't fit through the door, and they had to leave the refrigerator in the garage. I had to dis-assemble the handles and move it myself into the house. This was also curious since they were somehow able to get it out of the house, which would probably explain why it no longer opened or closed well. With this many damages, it's a good thing they have "proper insurance", right? Well, good luck trying to file damage claim with them. For the past couple of weeks, I've tried calling them and emailing them to file damage claim; I have not heard anything back from them. I talked to somebody on the phone who said that they would look at the email and pictures I sent them and would get back to me; I have yet received any "getting back to me". I then called again and talked to Jennifer and requested to talk to the owner, Mark Cox; she said he wasn't available but would pass the message. I still didn't receive any call back or email for the next couple of days, so I called again and talked to Jennifer again who then told me she would ask Mark Cox when she saw him. It has now been months, and I still haven't heard anything back. And complaint to BBB has gone unheeded.