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Lies and lack of communication

Submitted this review about Express Relocation Inc
Review made Live: 8/2/2010 11:58:00 AM
I was lied to several times about the location of my shipment. On my first date of available delivery I was told my shipment was two days away in South Carolina. I asked Lauren, the associate I spoke to, to make sure that was my delivery as South Carolina is not on the way from Houston, TX to Puyallup, WA. She checked and told me she had been looking at another file of a woman who's name was suspiciously close to mine. That woman's delivery was "going to Washington DC" and mine was actually in South Dakota. The next day I was told again that it was two days away and that it had changed trucks a couple times to accommodate larger moves. The next Monday I was told my shipment was in California, the driver needed to take a day off and that it should be arriving by the weekend. I was given two different phones numbers for "drivers" which did not work. One phone number actually contacted someone who said he had not done work for the company recently because he has not been paid. I continued to call the company daily to find out where my shipment was and I rarely got in touch with anyone. When I did, Lauren constantly put me on hold to talk to her supervisor whom I could never reach. The last time I talked to Lauren she gave me a phone number for a dispatch office in Dallas and told me she didn't know where my shipment was or how to contact the driver because he wasn't one of their drivers. My shipment finally arrived 17 days after my first date of availability. I asked the driver when and where he picked up my shipment and he said he had just picked it up from Dallas 2 or 3 days earlier. I had stored my belongings with the company in Houston for a month, so it had never left Texas. The driver, Jason, works for Northern American Van Lines and was very nice and did a wonderful job. I was also not told that the delivery would be made in an 18 wheeler so when asked if there was space for the truck to get to my apartment I assumed the same size truck that picked up my shipment would be delivering. Jason tried to get the huge truck up to the apartment but it would not go around the tighter corners in the complex. Luckily my neighbor had a pick-up she let us use and my brother-in-law was staying with me so I had extra hands to help as I am 9 months pregnant and obviously cannot carry anything heavy. Nothing was severely damaged but several small things were broken. I wont be filing a claim for the damage considering the items ruined were not valuable. However, upon receiving the shipment, several of the boxes were ripped, crushed and mangled and I could tell that Express Relocation had not taken care of my belongings.